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Demi Lovato Ensures "being Obsessed" With Maluma’s Ex

Demi Lovato shared a photo with which she claims to be "obsessed" with Maluma’s ex, the model Natalia Barulich.

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The model Natalia Barulich had a toxic romance with Maluma and now boasts her love for the soccer player Neymar This is the story!

Maluma – La Ex (part. Jason Derulo) (Lyrics and song to listen to) – Rudeboyz / Ah / Maluma / Derulo / Uh-uh, yeah / Uh, yeah / Mua / I don’t know why you’re calling.

Newsroom See / 2 Sep – p. m. These are the 5 sexiest photos of Natalia Barulich, former Maluma and Neymar. The model has turned on the networks with.

Demi Lovato assures "be obsessed" with Maluma’s ex | you online

Did you change Maluma’s ex? They assure that Neymar began a courtship with another singer ยท 1 / Neymar once again generates a stir since today he was.

Demi claims to be "obsessed" with Maluma’s ex