Mamey Bone For Hair

Mamey Bone Oil For Eyelashes, Beard And Hair!

Vehicle for aromatherapy oils. Can be used on skin, hair, beard, eyelashes and eyebrows. STORAGE: In well-closed containers. protected from light.

Mamey bone oil is characterized by its high content of carotenoids and its excellent in treatments to strengthen eyebrows, eyelashes and hair.

Above all, it contains a large percentage of vitamin A and C, which are the ones that provide its benefits in use for skin and hair care. the oil of.

THE MAMEY IS ASSOCIATED WITH: IN THE HAIR AND BEARD: Nourishes the ends. Helps stop the fall. Prevents dryness of the scalp. excellent helper for.

What is Mamey or Sapote Bone Oil for??

Mamey oil is used mainly on hair and eyelashes to stop their fall and nourish them from the.

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How to make homemade mamey bone oil Benefits of mamey bone oil Mamey oil is used mainly on hair and eyelashes to stop their loss and nourish them from root to tip and on the skin as a softener and moisturizer.

It is also used as a hair mask before washing, to cleanse the face after makeup and to grow a beard. always externally. Can be used to hold curls or curls and leave curly hair looking natural. Heat for a moment until the mixture of the three oils is lukewarm. If the hair is too rebellious and dry, a few drops can be applied to the ends after washing for greater effectiveness.

See also: Benefits of using coconut oil on hair 2. Benefits for eyelashes Mamey bone oil is also very effective for eyelashes because, due to its nutrients, it not only hydrates them but also stimulates their growth and prevents them from falling out due to some hormonal pathologies or diseases that weaken them to the point of fall down. It should be applied at night after removing makeup, a little mamey bone oil with a small brush on the eyelashes, or with clean fingers so that it does not get into the eyes because it can irritate them a little.

You can sleep with the oil on your eyelashes and the next day rinse them very well. See also: Why eyelashes fall out and how to avoid it 3. Benefits of applying it to the beard The use of mamey oil in the beard by means of massages is a growth stimulant for all those men who suffer from its scarce appearance.

If you have the oil, simply rub 1 tablespoon on the beard area with your fingertips and leave it on for 1 hour. Then it is split and the almond is extracted from the center. Later, the almond is also split and roasted carefully in a pan on the stove because it releases a lot of smoke and smell. This procedure can be repeated every 20 days until the beard begins to take the desired shape.

Other benefits: It is a natural antioxidant which prevents premature aging and hair loss if applied regularly. The resin extracted from the mamey bone serves as a fixative for dentures How to make homemade mamey bone oil To prepare your mamey oil, have the following ingredients on hand: Mamey bones or seeds A grater A container that does not stick A tablespoon of small wood Water A cloth or gauze to filter Procedure: Wash and dry in the sun for several days about 15 seeds or bones of mamey or sapote after removing the pulp.

They are grated by hand or pulverized with a processor. There should be an oily peanut butter-like paste that is then passed through a fabric filter and what comes out is the pure and concentrated oil that contains all the properties. It can be used immediately or you can keep it in a covered container until another application. Share this article with social networks below!

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