Maria Joaquina And Cirilo

Do you remember Cyril?? This is how María Joaquina’s lover looks today

who marked our childhood, like Cirilo, played by Pedro Javier Vivero when he was only 7 years old and María Joaquina.

Teacher Ximena Fernández · Cirilo Rivera · María Joaquina Villaseñor · Laura Quiñones · Kokimoto Mishima · Bibi Smith · David Ravinovich.

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The secrets of “Carrusel”: stolen cigarettes, María Joaquina’s true love and Cirilo’s new life · The Mexican children’s program is.

Cirilo, played by Pedro Javier Rivero, an actor who studied Communication at UNAM and walked away from the cameras, was a black boy.

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Teacher Ximena Fernández · Cirilo Rivera · María Joaquina Villaseñor · Laura Quiñones · Kokimoto Mishima · Bibi Smith · David Ravinovich.

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She was a teacher, friend and mother to her students. Kind treatment and enormous patience, the teacher was loved by all. In a series of episodes, the teacher goes on vacation and leaves her place to another who, at first, is rejected by the students, until they understand the need for their teacher to go to their hometown.

Later, the students pour out all their love when Ximena and her mother suffer a terrible accident on their way back. When the school term ends, the director chooses to give another group, but at the insistence of the students, she ends up giving the next school year to their same group, to everyone’s delight. His character would be seen again in the educational telenovela Carrusel de las Américas, and would inspire a children’s program called El Club de Gaby.

Miguel Villasenor. Beautiful and selfish, she overlooks her peers, but over time she learns to value the important things in life. One of the lessons that the class gives her is to apply the law of ice for the constant mistreatment of several children, but especially Cirilo, making her fall into a depression that makes her understand that her classmates also have feelings.

In the plot, she was kidnapped, but rescued by her friends and a loving and faithful Cirilo. In one part of the plot, Laura is made to believe that Daniel feels love for her, but Daniel gets rid of the joke by making her notice that he does not love her, but he does have a lot of affection for her. In another, she is intoxicated, along with Cirilo, with stickers contaminated with hallucinogens that were delivered by drug traffickers. And finally, on another occasion, he spoils one of Jaime and Pablo’s best pranks, getting Jaime expelled, when he consciously trades some chocolate cigarettes for real ones to get revenge for a prank Jaime played on him earlier.

She speaks Spanish imperfectly, since her native language is English. David Ravinovich[ edit ] David Joseph Birch is a Jewish student, with an angelic face and curly blonde hair. Little David does not waste time with the girls, falling in love with Valeria, one of his classmates. The climax of the performance of the young Semitic can be seen when he had to sacrifice his beloved pet, a turtle, to make a soup and be able to cure the goalkeeper Fermín of a strong flu.

Once the goalkeeper was cured, the teacher Ximena said that a turtle soup could even resurrect the dead. I never hesitate to help Valeria, even when she accidentally spills the contents of an inkwell and he blames herself. He also prays a lot for her when she has an accident that leaves her in the hospital. Although she makes many jokes, she is also a very sensitive and affectionate girl. In the mornings she looked sleepy from staying up all night and constantly reprimanded by her family members, who were unaware of her good deed.

Jaime Palillo[ edit ] Jaime Jorge Granillo is a robust and plump boy, rough and somewhat clumsy, but at the same time very brave when standing up and defending his friends, especially Cirilo. Jaime’s father is a humble man but with a big heart and many values.

Although Pablo is remembered for the constant pranks he played on his classmates, he also had his good side, the best case is when he had to pass himself off as "Renato", the grandson of a lady who was not convinced that he died in an accident.

Pablo’s characteristic is his laugh, which is like imitating a dolphin. Marcelina Guerra[ edit ] Marcelina Georgina García is Pablo’s sister and his counterpart at the same time, sweet and good person. She has to live with the torment that Pablo is constantly bothering her, but she also wants him. The many times he’s upset and happy, he loves him the way he is.

She also gets upset with her brother when he says nonsense.. Daniel Zapata[ edit ] Daniel Abraham Pons is an intelligent, attentive child and exemplary student, he does not get carried away by bad influences. He is the leader of the group, he cannot see the suffering of a friend or that he is in trouble.

Therefore, he founded the "Savior Patrol", made up of his classmates. Laura also felt great affection for him and Margarita wanted him to be her boyfriend, but they ended up just as friends because he told her he was not old enough to have a girlfriend. His father, Federico, manages very soon to get out of the poverty in which he lived to have a better future. Carmen suffers an attack of appendicitis that she had not reported so as not to cause problems for her parents, the situation worsens and she needs to be operated on immediately by María Joaquina’s father.

Other anecdotes of her in the plot are when she is invited to the first communion party of her rich cousin, who demanded that her guests should wear white from head to toe, but Carmen had no money for new clothes and her parents could not pay. for him. That is why he withdraws him from the A1 school he attended and enrolls him in the second year of Master Ximena. Jorge was always seen on top of a Mercedes Benz minicar, and was once challenged by Cirilo driving a Porsche to a race at the autodrome "Rodriguez Brothers", Not without first, sending two of his friends to break the gearbox of Cirilo’s car so that he would give up the race.

In the end, the race was won by Cirilo, to the commotion of his entire gang and after the celebration, Laura recognizes Jorge’s two friends who damaged Cirilo’s car, ending up battered by a beating that Jaime gave them. Those of the Salvadora Patrol find out about this and as punishment, they wait for him in a square and start throwing mud at him and his car, at the end of the series he changes his attitude and becomes friends with those of the Salvadora Patrol.

Tired of always being locked up and the fact that her kitten has been thrown out "Safari", gift from Mario, Clementina decides on one occasion to run away from home and go to stay at the "Abandoned house", in the end he meets his parents and goes to live with them and their kitten.