Marilisa Maronesse Isadora Sofia Figueroa

This is how Isadora Sofía, Chayanne’s daughter, has grown

Isadora Sofía, daughter of Chayanne and ex-miss Marilisa Maronesse, falls in love with her followers with her photos where she shows that she inherited the genes of an artist.

Spouse, Marilisa Maronesse (m. ). Children, Lorenzo Valentino Figueroa, Isadora Sofia Figueroa. Occupation, Singer, actor and dancer.

A few days ago Isadora Sofía Figueroa, the daughter of Chayanne and Marilisa Maronesse, shared some photos of her parents in her youth.

Chayanne’s youngest daughter, Isadora Figueroa, and her parents’ niece (the interpreter of A century without you and Marilisa Maronesse).

Chayanne Isadora Sofía’s daughter inherited her mother’s bearing (Photos)

the former Venezuelan beauty queen Marilisa Maronesse, with whom she had her children: Isadora Sofía Figueroa and Lorenzo Valentino Figueroa.

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