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Marisa Tomei Regrets Playing Aunt May In “Spider-Man”

Certainly casting Marisa as a younger version of May is a strategy to attract the audience of her generation, just like Tom.

Marisa Tomei, who played Aunt May in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ and caused astonishment for being a younger version of May Parker.

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Before being the young aunt of Peter Parker, Tomei already had an extensive career in Hollywood, including productions such as Anger and.

Rosemary Harris as Aunt May in Spider-Man 2; Marisa Tomei as Aunt So she could be older or quite young, depending on her age.

Marisa Tomei regrets playing Aunt May in "spider-man"

In an interview, actress Marisa Tomei expressed that there was a For the actress, the physical appearance of the young superhero’s aunt would not have.

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