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Why Adam Killed Martha Dark?

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Read Martha Nielsen from the story Meet the DARK characters by MiniMinium (TeAyudoTeAyudas) with 20 reads. dark, kahnwald, germany.

Nov 10, – This is about the two worlds of Jonas and Martha finally collide, Jonas and Martha Dark Tv Series , Netflix Series, Batman Wallpaper.

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Martha Nielsen / Eve. Interpreted by and Barbara Nüsse respectively. #dark #darknetflix #darkseries #darkserienetflix #darkespaña.

Why did Adam kill Martha Dark??

A few days before the premiere of the last season of ‘Dark’, he says that there are two universes marked by two characters: Martha and Jonas.

The problem?

Pinterest Dark season 3IMDb First of all, we must recognize that Dark is a perfect series, from the fact that its incredible opening credits were telling us the story from the beginning and you understand it as you watch the chapters and ending with the way in the one that shows us that time is just an illusion and that maybe, and just maybe, there is another version of us living the life we ​​never had, and the story couldn’t have a better ending.

Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. Here, a scientist’s pain is the triggering factor and they must fix that to prevent their worlds from being created. It’s kind of like when Eleven opens the portal to the Upside Down. The two heroes of this story are a product of the time paradox that occurs after Tannhaus’s experiment to get his son back, on the one hand, Jonas only exists because Mikkel exists and travels back in time as a child, and Mikkel and Martha only exists because Ulrich exists, but Ulrich is the son of Tronte, who is the son of Noah’s sister Agnes, who is in turn the daughter of Silja and Bartosz, and Silja is the daughter of Hanna, who is born in the past after she travels back in time and begins a relationship with Claudia Egon’s father.

Bartosz is actually Martha’s great-grandfather, which means that all those characters who seemed to be at the center of the chaos are actually part of the same family, which only exists because a series of time travels were made that created the paradox.

Like Jonas and Martha, many other characters were created when time broke and are part of the same family, and they don’t exist in the original world. On the Nielsen side, Silja disappeared because she was the daughter of Hannah and Egon. Mikkel doesn’t become Michael Kahnwald, so Jonas Kahnwald disappears too.

As for the Dopplers, with Silja gone, Hanno Noah was never born, he never met Elisabeth Doppler and she never had Charlotte, and Charlotte never had Elisabeth and Franziska. That depends on your own imagination.