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Mary Jane Watson or Mary Jane Watson-Parker, is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics and created by Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr. The character made his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #.

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Mary Jane Watson or Mary Jane Watson-Parker ("MJ") (depending on the In the movies, the role of Mary Jane has been played by actress.

Kirsten Dunst portrayed the character in all three Spider-Man feature films directed by Sam Raimi, and Zoë Kravitz voiced the character in.

She achieved international fame with her participation in the Spider-Man trilogy, in which she played Mary Jane Watson, and for her performance in the first.

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Go get them, Tiger.” ―Mary Jane Watson[source] Mary Jane Watson is an actress who grew up alongside Peter Parker. “Twice he has saved my life and I have never.

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In this actress they were inspired to create Mary Jane Watson

Maria, Jane’s mother had initially wanted to move to New York so she could study for a career in acting, but gave up her dream so her husband could pursue his career. His father constantly changes their jobs by moving from one college to another, having to uproot his family and move when he changes jobs. Madeline took her two daughters and Philip left while he was about to receive honors during a college awards ceremony, MJ and her sister lived with their mother moving from relatives to relatives.

During this time, Mary Jane was 13 years old and Pedro was 14 years old. When she first saw Pedro when he was sweeping the leaves outside her house, she wasn’t interested in him because of his "nerd" look. Mary Jane moved with her mother and sister to Pittsburgh, where she eventually settled with her mother, Uncle Frank Brown, whose wife and three children had died. Character Evolution Mary Jane went to high school there with her sister and she became the typical popular girl.

Mary Jane started working on her dream of becoming an actress famous for performing in many school plays including "Romeo and Juliet". Her sister on the other hand married her high school sweetheart Timothy Byrnes and she became pregnant at the age of 19.

Mary Jane saw the eyes of despair, in which Timmy like her father’s and distanced herself from her sister. During the Thanksgiving holidays, Mary Jane went to stay with her Aunt Anna. While there, his previous opinions about Peter Parker would change on Uncle Ben’s night of death. MJ saw Pedro sneak out of her window in his Spider-Man suit, but she decided to keep it to herself and not tell anyone.

Mary Jane’s sister got pregnant again and Timmy left shortly after. What made the worst was Madeline became seriously ill and eventually passed away, leaving her two daughters on their own. While temporarily staying with his Aunt Anna, MJ found a job as a waiter and dancing at a local restaurant.

MJ finally made enough money to rent his own downtown apartment. Aunt Anne and her friend Aunt May constantly tried to set up Mary Jane and Peter, but MJ constantly makes up excuses to get out of the blind date. Pedro was also in love with the secretary at the Daily Bugle, Betty Brant, and Liz Allen was constantly flirting with him.

Mary Jane was first mentioned in Amazing Spider-Man. Mary Jane’s face was covered by a plant during this appearance. However, Pedro was not there, but Mary Jane was, and the two girls were amazed at their new competitor for Pedro’s affections. Mary Jane Watson finally made her first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 42 finale in print in November She greeted Peter with the now-famous line, "Tiger Face, you just hit the jackpot.".

During their first date, they saw Rhino go on a rampage on the news. MJ knowing that Pedro wants to go fight Rhino I decided to get Pedro off the motorcycle so the two of them can «take a look. Mary Jane began dating Harry Osborn while still constantly flirting with Peter.

MJ subsequently found work as a dancer at a New York nightclub called the Gloom Room. It was owned by the drug lord that eventually led to a shootout. One of the criminals attempted to protect himself by using Mary Jane, but Spider-Man would be able to rescue her. However, Peter was too attached to Gwen and the two would resume their relationship again.

MJ turned to Harry and continued to flirt with Peter. Peter arrived back at his apartment to find Mary Jane waiting there for him. She tried to help him cry but Pedro told her to leave him alone and go out. He got mad because the girl with his personality wouldn’t be upset if his own mother died. Of course, Peter didn’t know anything about MJ from the past.

MJ was at the door hesitating, finally closing the door and staying with Pedro to comfort him. MJ broke up with Harry soon after, whose sanity had become unstable after his father’s death. She told Harry that she was tired of Peter’s depression and didn’t want to be associated with him or anyone he knew. Time, as time passes and Pedro slowly recovers. During a party, Mary Jane confessed her feelings to Pedro, telling him that she loved him, but she doesn’t want a serious relationship.

She doesn’t want to be hurt by someone who loved her like her family has hurt her. Harry had become the second Green Goblin and planted a bomb that hospitalized MJ. Pedro stayed by her side until she was able to fully recover. At the airport a serious relationship if Pedro did not stop taking photos for the touch of each moment.

The two eventually reconcile, and when Mary Jane was helping Liz Allen choose a wedding dress for her impending marriage to Harry Osborn, MJ began to wonder what Peter might think of her in a wedding dress. Peter was soon going to propose to Mary Jane by giving him a cracker jacks box with a real diamond ring inside. However, she tells him that she doesn’t want to be tied down. Peter and MJ remained close friends, but after all the disappointments he got from leaving their dates early to go as Spider-Man, she started avoiding him.

MJ moved to Florida to help his Aunt Anna settle there; however, she secretly wanted to get away from Pedro. Marriage When Mary Jane came back she began her modeling career and started dating many other actors and famous people. MJ could hear the entire battle inside his apartment, finally Spider-Man defeating Puma.

Afterwords, MJ confesses to Peter that she cannot control the danger she puts herself in and tells him that she has always known her secret alter-ego of Spider-Man. In fact, she had known almost from the beginning, as she had seen him go out to face the murderous Uncle Ben. MJ was about to leave New York again, but decided to face Pedro. She told him her life story, in which Pedro was going to gain the confidence to tell MJ all about himself.

Peter and MJ stayed friends in hopes of being able to rekindle the fire they once had for each other. They continued their close relationship as friends, being able to tell secrets to each other. However, they realize that they were hiding from their true feelings. Pedro decided to propose to Mary Jane again.

However, she refused again and left for Pittsburgh. MJ had to visit his sister, who was sent to prison for stealing a rare manuscript. Finally MJ was going to turn into the real culprit who was his father, Prince Felipe. MJ was able to reconcile with his sister and she returned to New York to accept Pedro’s proposal.

Even with concerns that the couple were too young and because of Peter’s double life, Peter and Mary Jane decided to marry Amazing Spider-Man Annual The reason MJ made Mary Jane Watson-Parker was because she thought she’d get rid of her maiden name "Watson" meant that she had to stop partying, so instead of her just attaching her name to. Peter was wearing the black suit at this time, but Mary Jane convinces him to stop wearing it because she’s afraid of Poison.

Modeling career Mary Jane continued her modeling career and was also being harassed by her Landlord. When she turned him down, he was sidelined from the entire fashion industry. However, Mary Jane found a job in a soap opera called "Secret Hospital". When Harry Osborn died, this added to the enormous amount of stress that Mary Jane had caused her to start smoking. When Peter left for a period of time to resolve recent issues with his parents and actually faked it, MJ visited his sister Gayle and their father, and reconciled with them.

Peter returns and the two reunite. To make a horrible happy news, she and Peter got the news from Seward Trainer that Peter was, in fact, the real clone and Scarlet Spider was the real Peter Parker. When he heard the news, the Jackal used hypnotic suggestions to get Peter to kill Mary Jane, but Ben was able to prevent this. He decides to stop being Spider-Man due to the stress of having a double life and with a baby to come.

They decided to move to Portland to try and raise their baby in peace. They finally returned to New York. During the Onslaught of Crisis, a Sentinel scanned Mary Jane and detected an abnormality in the fetus. Baby Mary Jane was long gone and she was poisoned by an agent of the Green Goblin.

Mary Jane was told that her baby ended up being killed. Dead or not her baby was stolen by Alison Mongrain, under the orders of Norman Osborn. Ben Reilly, the Scarlet Spider, who died the exact same night.

Mary Jane begged Peter to stop being Spider-Man, and he agreed. Mary Jane soon went back to college and graduated with a degree in Psychology, but eventually became bored and went back to modeling. Mary Jane started receiving threatening calls from an anonymous stalker. When MJ was flying across America for his modeling work, his plane exploded in midair.

Mary Jane was not dead, but was kidnapped by an unknown mutant telepath and kept for several months. His motive was to try to take over Peter’s life, but he killed himself when he gained enough of Peter’s personality and morals to see that he was doing too much wrong. Peter and MJ would meet after. She was going to return later to Pedro. Mary Jane would go on to develop a career in acting by auditioning for plays.

Mary Jane goes through some tough times trying to get parts for movies, often breaking her heart when she’s not offered a role. Finally, she lands a role around the same time Gwen Stacy’s children arrived. New Avengers and the Civil War When their apartment burned down and Aunt May’s apartment burned down, the family moved to Stark Tower where they lived, while Pedro worked as the New Avengers.

Mary Jane continued her acting career in plays. She would also be constantly harassed by the tabloids. One night, one of the tabloid photographers followed her home to Stark Tower. Finally Tony was going to stop this tabloid rumor of himself and his life was back on track.