Massimo 365 Days

Meet Michele Morrone, The Italian Actor Who Stars In Netflix’s Hit ‘365 DNI’

In , the feature film Bar Joseph. days[edit]. In he achieved international fame for his role as Massimo.

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You finished watching the gripping Netflix drama ‘Days’? Meet the actors who play Massimo, Laura, Olga, Domenico and more.

Massimo becomes obsessed with her until he kidnaps her and keeps her captive for days. As time goes by, she falls in love with him. With this.

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The moment and review will be for: DNI – My moments in the movies

A woman falls into the hands of a mob boss, who kidnaps her and gives her a year to fall in love with him. See trailers and more.

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Since the erotic film DNI premiered on June 14 on Netflix, where he gives life to the mobster Massimo, his name has grabbed the headlines of gossip magazines. Although DNI catapulted him into the universe of movie stars, and led him to savor the honeys of success, the truth is that in his life it has not always been like this.

He lost the strength to continue fighting for his career, and he was left with no money and no job. Having no income, he took a job as a gardener in a remote villa in Italy. Always believe in yourself. Photo: DNI Before giving life to Massimo, Michele Morrone had already been part of Italian film and theater productions, such as in the mini series of the Médici family, together with Richard Madden, or the film El Juicio, available on Netflix.

However, it was DNI that consecrated him international fame. Now he is also immersed in Duetto, one of his next projects. Despite having spoken on some occasions about his sentimental situation, Morrone actually tries to avoid the subject. Questions he evaded throughout the broadcast.