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Nude Nails: What Is The Best Shade For You??

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Combine them with a high-impact matte nude mouth. Choose your favorite liquid matte lipstick and apply it from the center of your upper lip towards.

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Nude nails: What is the best shade for you? – In The Glow Nude Matte Marble Texture Custom Pink False Nails for DIY Manicure Red Medium Jazz.

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Ideas to wear nude nails

If you want to try this style, but you don’t know where to start or you don’t know how to decorate them so they don’t get boring, we’ll give you a hand. Ideas to wear nude nails Matte style The matte finish is dull and without any shine or creaminess, but it manages to have an impact. Nude nails always have a subtle effect, but glitter manages to add a bit of personality and fun to the manicure.

However, you should bet on an interspersed manicure or just one nail to prevent the subtlety of nude nails from becoming exuberant. In the decoration with negative space, parts of the nails remain to be painted and it is that contrast between the enamel and the bare nail that forms the design. You can be original in the way you decide to put these spaces and even choose between a style with transparent details or between bare nails with enamel details.

French manicure reinvented The French manicure is characterized by its white tip in front of the rest of the nail surface in a neutral tone. Mix of tones When you cannot choose a single nude tone or if you simply want something different for your manicure without losing its delicacy, you can try this decoration.

You just have to paint each nail with a different tone and take care that these are all from the same family or have the same nuances so that the manicure is balanced. Even if you don’t like glitter, you can find other ways to give your nails points of light and turn them into real jewels. Jinsoon’s Best Moxie, Muse, Nostalgia and Tulle Nude Nail Polishes Jinsoon’s range of nude polishes is small, but what it lacks in options it makes up for in quality.

The formulas of these enamels also have great durability and offer protection against UV rays to prevent damage and stains on the nails, as well as the discoloration of the enamel. Any of these enamels provides excellent coverage with just one application, as well as a rich and long-lasting effect. These enamels also stand out for their great durability without cracks and for their luxurious finish. Most of the shades have a creamy finish, but you can also find them with shimmers or in a gloss style.

Winner of several beauty awards for the quality of its nail polishes between and , the Nail Lacquer range of traditional nail polishes remains one of the best in O. These enamels are also durable and promise up to 7 consecutive days of a perfect manicure, without cracks and without the need for maintenance. The best nude shades for each skin type The term naked nude can lead to some mistakes when choosing the color of nail polish.

The goal of nude nails is to create a subtle and elegant manicure, but one that stands out. That is to say, it should not be the same as a transparent manicure and the color of the enamel should make a little contrast with the skin so that it is seen. The key word here is subtlety and not a dull style of hands in which the nails are lost in the skin.

Light, soft brown tones and varieties of warm mauve tones often lead to dull manicures on this skin type. If you don’t like pinks, you can also use light shades of beige or taupe. However, regardless of these differences, they are very similar when it comes to nude nail colors. They are also a special case because, unlike fair or tanned skin, there are no shades to avoid.

They all look good and the choice of one depends only on the finish and effect you want to achieve.