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Matthew David McConaughey (Uvalde, Texas, November 4) is an American film and television actor and producer. He is an Oscar winner.

The proof is that he came to our interview not as the handsome young man from one of his hilarious romantic comedies, but as his character from We.

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Be careful, this article can rub you that Matthew McConaughey has been 52 years much better than you: his best photos prove it.

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Matthew McConaughey American actor –Vanity is a great motivator– One of the actors in The Youngest of Three Brothers.

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However, he left the single life long ago. Some curious facts about his career and personal life: Origins. Matthew David McConaughey was born on November 4, in Texas. He was raised within the Methodist religious tradition. His dad’s death. They were a wild couple. My mother broke her fingers four times beating my father", recounted the intense relationship of his parents, who divorced twice and married three.

Lived in Australia as an exchange student while in high school. Upon returning to the US, he began his law career, but later abandoned it to become an actor. A chance meeting opened the doors of Hollywood for him.

McConaughey was discovered by talent scout Don Phillips in a bar. He was 23 years old, studying film at the University of Texas, and had never performed an acting role. Thanks to Philips, he got his first role in the comedy Dazed and Confused, which ended up being a success at the box office. Not bad for a first job in Hollywood. He shared the poster with Sandra Bullock, Samuel L.

Jackson and Kevin Spacey. On the set, she fell in love with Bullock, with whom she had a two-year romance. The film was a success with a gross of millions of USD worldwide. Lost your ticket to the Titanic. Ultimately, the role went to DiCaprio. problems with the law. In , he was arrested by police in Austin, Texas. His neighbors reported him for noise disturbance. When the agents arrived at his home, they found him drugged, totally naked and playing the bongo.

After a couple of hours behind bars, he was released. Mugshot of Matthew McConaughey Chest Beat. Apparently this ritual is typical of the actor, and he practices it every time he enters a set to get into character. Director Martin Scorsese was fascinated and asked him to include him in the scene. To play Ron Woodroof, an AIDS patient in Dallas Buyers Club, he lost 21 kilos The effort was worth it, since with his heartfelt portrayal of Ron Woodroof he was able to take home a Golden Globe and the first Oscar of his career.

In an interview about his fattening regimen, he explained the secrets of his metamorphosis: "For six months I said yes to everything. ‘Pizza night’ could be any night, and if my kids wanted to go bowling on a school night, I said yes too. It was so much fun and I would tell you my family misses me being a fat ass". Boat owner Matthew didn’t hesitate for a moment and sailed to help everyone he could.

Since the rescue tasks were finished when he arrived, he dedicated himself to saving the neighbors’ pets.

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