Matthew Vartparonian

Ciro Martínez announced that he is going to be a grandfather

Katja Martinez and Mateo Vartparonian blowing out their candles ❌ late and early.

Di Matteo, María Florencia (Luisa Hairabedian Foundation UBA-CONICET) and Kalaidjian, José Simpatian Kirkor Simsiroglu Arsén Terzian Jorge Vartparonian.

Katjia has been in a relationship for several years with Mateo Vartparonian, a young businessman with a great economic background.

Andrés Ciro Martínez, current leader of Ciro y los Persas, and singer Carolina de la Presa. She is in a relationship with Matthew Vartparonian.

What does Cyrus mean biblically?? –

Obtain from Mateos Azad Vartparonian Business history, Telephone, Address, Properties, Vehicles, Date of Birth, and much more.

Good Night With Candles

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On Monday a crowd was present at the San Gregorio El Illuminador Cathedral to bid him farewell in a body present ceremony presided over by Archbishop Kissag Mouradian, Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church for Argentina and Chile, of which his peer from Uruguay was also part. , Archbishop Hagop Kelendjian.

Words from Dr. The interest and adherence of Eduardo Seferian to noble causes, to the constructive initiatives of community structures transformed him into a relevant personality of the country’s reality. The commitment of the Seferian family and especially of Eduardo in the Armenian-Argentine community life marked an era of unprecedented brilliance and development, thanks to which the community emerged as an active force within Argentine society, with a high sense of integration.

Eduardo Seferian was a profound believer and defender of the ideas of freedom and democracy, and actively participated in all initiatives aimed at the crystallization of these values ​​in Argentina and Armenia. His service for many years as president of the Board of Directors of our entity, the Armenian Center, seat of the Archbishopric of the Armenian Church and of this Cathedral highlighted him as a unifying factor, deserving the respect and consideration of all sectors.

In such a condition, his task was preponderant in the help that our community offered when a terrible earthquake hit Armenia. I want to fundamentally emphasize your concern for the education of children and young people. His participation in educational projects has been a constant throughout his career. I have been one of the beneficiaries of his work, and as in my case, thousands were able to complete their studies in schools of the country’s Armenian community.

And of those thousands, many have assumed tasks of responsibility in the direction of our entities. And by way of synthesis it ended by expressing “The name of Eduardo Seferian is simply part of Corrientes”. Taking the semblance of the author that I share as true, and requesting his license, I allow myself to complete it by saying "Eduardo Seferian is simply part of Corrientes, of Argentina and of all Armenianness".

In this farewell to our dear friend, and despite the fair and important recognition he received in life, we are left with the feeling that we have not sufficiently expressed our gratitude for his work. His death occurs in the midst of our deep respect and in our sorrow we honor his life, his work and his legacy of greatness.

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