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How old are the brothers Mau and Ricky??

THE AGE OF MAU AND RICKY AND WHO IS THE OLDER Mauricio Alberto Reglero Rodríguez was born on August 17 and is 27 years old, while.

Ricardo “Ricky” is the oldest, he was born on November 21, and is currently 30 years old. For his part, Mauricio “Mau”.

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Ricardo Reglero Rodríguez Montaner Miranda was born on November 21, as of today, so he is 30 years old. What a surprise! Many.

How old are the brothers Mau and Ricky? –

Mau and Ricky are the children of singer Ricardo Montaner, he is 30 years old while his brother is 28 years old.

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Ana Vaz Matr. Alejandro, Héctor, Ricardo, Mauricio and Evaluna are the children of the interpreter. Marlene Rodriguez Miranda. Ricardo Montaner told how he met Marlene. Sarah Escobar. His relationship with Camilo is that they are brothers-in-law because the Colombian married Evaluna.

On February 2, the beach, the sky and the sea of ​​Tulum were in sync with the love of Mau and Sara. The arch was accompanied by a macramé arrangement, made by Ancestral and several pieces of wood where that verse of love was read.

It was the beginning of a short, transcendental, profound ceremony. Ricardo Montaner’s second son came into the world on August 20, 39 years old. Like his siblings Evaluna and Mau, he was born under the sign of Leo. Those ruled by this sign are kind, warm-hearted and affectionate with a very strong love nature that makes them ardent and sincere in their affections. Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner met at a recital a year ago and felt an immediate crush.

The months passed and their love grew. They formalized their courtship in February of this year. In July, the artist shared a publication in which he stated that they had been dating for 6 months, so they got engaged after dating for 8 months.

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