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Mayan Horoscope, do you want to know what sign you are??

Discover what animal you are in the Mayan horoscope and find out what your future will be for this · SIGNS OF THE MAYAN CALENDAR · Lizard (from May 13.

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The calendar guided the life of men from their birth and it was very much for the day of the Tzolkin that corresponded to the date of their birth.

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Mayan calendrical system: Mayan Nahual according to date of birth and his El Cholq’ij is the Mayan calendar that studies the energies of each.

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Calculate nawal, calculate calendar. Enter your date of birth: and the spiritual and the last day of our sacred Mayan Cholq’ij calendar.

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People who were born between August 23 and September 19 are characterized by this animal. In their way of thinking they have rigid ideas.

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The Mayans designed a perfect time measurement system based on the cyclical movement of the stars; from here arise the 13 signs of the Mayan horoscope, each one represented by an animal. Those born under this sign have a special ingenuity to solve problems. Clarity is a quality that helps them have firm goals and achieve them. They have a lot of energy and do not know the limits.

Work They are good to develop as economists, politicians, businessmen, governors or ministers. Love They like to spend a long time single, however, when they fall in love it is essential that they feel admiration for their partner, of course, without feeling overshadowed, they cannot stand it. Affinity They cannot resist the seduction of the falcon. Scorpio August 23-September 19 At first glance, they seem to be broad-minded, but the reality is that they are rigid in their ideas and hate change.

They are analytical and calculating. They can be very good at listening to someone, but very reserved to tell something intimate. They are active and only speak when they think they have something important to contribute to the conversation. Love They show their affection with actions, they hate words and unfulfilled promises. They are excessively faithful and expect the same from their partner. suffer from hypermnesia. If they were a literary character, they would surely be Funes the Memorious; nothing escapes their memory, for the same reason they are extremely spiteful.

Affinity The fox’s bravery captivates them. Deer from September 20 to October 17 They are excessively sensitive and sentimental. They live eternally in love. They have a lot of love to give, but they demand the same, they are emotionally demanding. They need their life to run in harmony and peace. They are sincere but with tact. They have a lot of willpower and are usually very innocent, so much so that sometimes they abuse their naivety.

They idealize love or have seen many movies, they always hope for a happy ending and are disappointed. Friendship Oddly enough, the deer gets along great with the snake. Although he prefers the closeness of the monkey. Affinity The peace that the turtle gives them enraptures them. Wise by nature and hopeless counselors. They love to meditate and travel.

They lean towards alternative medicine and esotericism. Affinity The sensitivity of the peacock catches them. Peacock from November 15 to December 12 They have a compelling need to stand out. They are extremists to death: all or nothing.

They don’t mess around with midpoints. Although they aspire to a quiet life, they are of a complicated nature. They like to win and do things right the first time. They are very original and not at all conformist, which is why they often live dissatisfied. They are excellent directors and perform very well as actors, they love being other people.

Love It is essential that in their relationships they feel important and loved. Friendship Bat spree partners. When they need good advice, they turn to the turtle. Lizard from December 13 to January 9 They are simple and radiate positive energy. They hate disorder and chaos. Being with them is always a pleasure. They are obsessive about order and somewhat controlling, however, they do not do things for themselves, they like others to be in charge of leaving everything ready.

Work They never have enough time for everything they want to do. They are clear-minded and bright-minded, perfect surgeons, dentists, and librarians. Love They prefer to drive a low profile, they can’t stand having someone’s eyes on them. They are introverted and shy, that’s why they become difficult to approach. Friendship They can spend hours chatting with a scorpion, they feel confident and without the need to tell anything personal.

Affinity He is fascinated by the way the jaguar is so uninhibited. They are the life of the party, they are characterized by their great sense of humor and their optimistic outlook on life. They are very social. Work They do not support schedules, routines or bosses giving orders. They need to feel that they are autonomous so they are perfect to work on their own as: singers, publicists, programmers and translators.

To be with this sign it is necessary to surprise it daily, be very imaginative and have a strong personality. Friendship Your best friends are snakes. Affinity They are especially attracted to the peacock’s outstanding personality. Falcon from February 7 to March 6 They are very perceptive and have a dominant personality. They are distinguished from the rest of the signs by their honesty. Work They love freedom, that’s why they are excellent pilots and aviators, with their diplomacy they become great judges and ambassadors.

Friendship They are very selective when choosing their friends. They like the wisdom of snakes and owls. There is nothing that is impossible for them, they are excessively persuasive. Love When he finds someone who steals all his attention, he does not give up until he wins his love and there is no one who can resist his imminent power of seduction. Friendship Gets along amazing with the bat and the peacock. Affinity Few people can control this sign, who could be the peacock and that fascinates the jaguar.

They have the gift of helping whoever they can. They are very correct people, tireless fighters for justice and rights. Consecrated defenders of all those who are unprotected. Work Due to their dedication to service, they are excellent nurses, sociologists, teachers, psychologists and volunteers in NGOs. They are contradictory, they can be very calm, but also irritable when they are made angry. Affinity The intuitive power of the owl draws him. She is very cultured and ambitious.

He enjoys solitude and likes to have his own space. Love They are very in love, at the beginning of the romance they are usually cloying, they need a lot of the other’s affection to feel safe. Friendship The sympathy of the monkey is all they need to find a good friend. Because of their sympathy, it is easier for them to make friends wherever they go. They are expressive, dreamy and talkative, which sometimes gets them into trouble. Work They have a natural ability to communicate and are very economical.

Your ideal profession is a journalist, broadcaster, administrator or commentator. Love They give everything of themselves, they unconditionally support their partners and love to surprise them with small details and highly value the attention they have with them. Friendship The best friends of this sign are those who show fidelity and respect, they get along very well with the falcon. Affinity The tranquility of the turtle is its best complement. Work This sign loves to take care of the environment, they are excellent gardeners, biologists and ecologists.

Love They are shy and introverted. Friendship They are unconditional and very cautious. Because of the serenity of their life they get along with all the signs.

Mayan calendars and date of birth, by Jose Ajpu Mumoz