Mayan Horoscope

Mayan Horoscope 2022: what Animal am I?

The Mayan culture is based on nature and animal behavior, so the. 13 signs of the zodiac that form the Mayan horoscope are.

"By virtue of which mayan sign was I born?? what is my mayan zodiac sign?" What are the best predictions for the new year of the 13 zodiac signs?.

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Kutz-Peacock Mayan Horoscope – Quetzklo

The Mayan calendar, Tzolkin, contains 12 animals, thus building a calendar year of days. Each Mayan sign defines the character.

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Represents the qualities, talents and traditions inherited. It’s the human race. Peacocks love to stand out in everything they do or wherever they go, their great charisma, extroversion and humor make them the center of attention wherever they go. They like to transmit their joy and are very adventurous, although their great impulsiveness can lead them to rush into decisions or choices.

They do not like routine at all and need to be motivated at all levels. They love extravagance and attract the attention of those around them. They like that their partner also stands out socially and that they have admiration for them. Romantic relationships last. In the couple you need to be admired and admire the person next to you. Good humor, well-being and optimism stand out in the sentimental relationships that he maintains.