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Mayan Horoscope Signs

In itself, it is not easy to interpret the Astrological Calendar of the Aztecs. It is known that it was copied from one used by the Mayans and that it was.

Find your mayan astrology sign. Since the Mayan and Western calendars are so different, you’ll need to find out your Mayan date of birth first.

See what your Mayan astrological sign says about your personality and which of the 20 signs touches you according to your day of birth here (visit this.

The Mayan Zodiac sign in the Haab Calendar is determined by the date of birth. Ch’en: People who were born from January 2 to January 21.

Traveler Mayan Horoscope – Travelers en route

The Mayans believed that according to the moment of birth, To discover your Mayan sign you only have to locate your birthday within the.

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Calculate your animal or element of the Mayan horoscope

For some people, turning to astrological signs, whether you believe in them or not, can serve as a reason to choose a destination. But we decided to get original. For this reason, at Viajeros en Ruta we use the Mayan horoscope to recommend a trip according to your personality. Given this circumstance, the recommendations of this Mayan Horoscope for this are only for national trips.

The astrological tradition of Mesoamerica, which we associate especially with the Mayan culture, is very different from the zodiacal horoscopes. The most important change is that there are two types of cycles. A second Mayan sign depends on the exact day you were born, and this one is based on the long count of their calendar.

Although much of the original knowledge of the Mayan calendar was lost after the conquest, surviving sources and current research have shed some light on this calendar and its astrological traditions. They are born leaders and therefore the perfect personality to organize a group of friends or their family to start a journey.

Take the initiative, and take your group on an adventure trip where you put all your energy to good use with physical activity or long walks. In terms of travel, the ideal for you is a destination that constantly stimulates your senses and that offers you to know all kinds of expressions of human culture. Physically you have great physical endurance and body strength.

Your ideal trip should offer a challenge to fight to achieve, so designing a route that passes through different places and the adventure of discovering new places, even in the best known destinations is ideal. Their range of interests can lead them to combine both with a volunteer trip, where they can experience knowing a new destination with helping others to have a better life.

Ideal destinations: Chiapas, Colima Deer Intuitive and sensitive, deer are peaceful but also have dominant traits, and are a gregarious people who always seek the company of family and friends. That is why you also like trips where you can go accompanied by other people and where the most important thing is the experiences you have together.

Your ideal trip is one where there is not a moment of rest, where you learn many things and where you have physical activity. Places where legends have been written are especially attractive. They like variety in life and are the best travel companions, they are consistent and sometimes a little immature. In search of variety, your ideal destination is the one that is as far away as possible from the previous one, so that you completely change the panorama of your trips, that is, wherever you go, explore it with dedication to get as much juice as possible.

Ideal destinations: Treasures of Sonora, Maderas del Carmen Mono If you were born under the sign of the monkey, it is most likely that patience is not your forte and staying focused will cost you. In exchange for that you are very sociable and the kind of person who attracts attention and gets the recognition of the majority. You have a special interest in the performing arts and when it comes to travel you are one of those who loves to be in the selfie and show off everything they discover.

Ideal destinations: Monarch Reserve, Zacatecas Adaptable and cooperative road, you like things to happen on your terms and you are an expert in solving problems and keeping your emotions under control. They are usually introverted people who take time to start their personal projects, but once they do, they do not stop. Ideal destinations: Nuevo León, Real de Catorce Junco They fight for their principles and always accept new challenges firm with their opinions to the point of being considered rigid, the rods are capable of intense work, but they also know how to relax.

When it comes to traveling, a destination that combines adventure with the possibility of simply disconnecting and pampering yourself is ideal. Ideal destinations: Tulum, Taxco Jaguar Jaguars are private people, who keep their secrets and avoid confronting other people, they invest a lot in their relationships and are usually good advisers and trustworthy people. They are also spiritual and sensitive to philosophical or religious aspects.

When traveling, a destination that invites you to reflect and where you can meditate or carefully observe and learn from the cultures of the world are the best for you. You do not miss a single detail of things, you like to explore new places and be in open spaces, you are also interested in scientific fields.

You place great value on experiences that help you evolve as a person and expand your knowledge, and you are very good at giving advice, being considered by people as an expert. When traveling, the best thing for you is a simple journey, where you have everything arranged before leaving home and where you can discover new ideas.

Friendly, sociable and committed, what drives you crazy are incomprehensible things and you can become a workalcoholic when you are passionate about something. If your passion is to travel, you will dedicate yourself to it with every fiber of your body, you also love crafts. Your ideal trip probably starts with an invitation or a challenge from someone else who encourages you to undertake it. Your interest in knowing new things can call you towards scientific tourism.

Your ideal trip is as a couple, to a place where you can appreciate the most beautiful things in life.

Mayan Astrology: what is your sacred animal according to your date of birth?