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It means "magdalene woman", city ​​of the sea of ​​Galilee where Saint Magdalene was born.

Madelaine Petsch is one of the famous series ‘Riverdale’. The redhead is very loved by the public, not only because of her.

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Name Madeline ; Madeline; Meaning: The one who watches from the tower. of biblical origin. It is French variant of Magdalena. ; Characteristics: It is intelligent and.

High tower (Greek). Whom? Beneath a haughty and sometimes icy guise, Madeline.

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Another interesting fact? The English vocabulary word “sentimental”, meaning “tearful” was born from this name (referring to the representation of.


In the Greek liturgy we see that Maria Betania is celebrated on March 18, the converted sinner on March 31 and Maria Magdalena on July 22. Hairdressers, repentant prostitutes, children with difficulty walking, etc. also come to her. His Saint is celebrated on July 22. But in the city of Castellón de Palma, Santa Magdalena is the patron saint of the city and her festivities are celebrated for 9 days; this year between March 11 and 18 the third Sunday of Lent on the occasion of the transfer of the ancient city to the Llano in the 13th century.

His celebration is March 11. Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, virgin. His greatest legacy has been the writings about his mystical experiences. your motto "not die, but suffer". Canonized in the year His Saint is celebrated on May 25. Magdalena varinates Magda, Malena or Lena. Cupcake in other languages:.