Megan Fox Operation

Which Celebrities Have Had a Bichectomy to Sharpen Their Features??

Actress Megan Fox’s face looks different from the beautiful features we were used to seeing her.

A relatively inexpensive Plastic Surgery operation, there are already many celebrities who have had it done, like Megan Fox.

Megan Fox wore a risky passion red outfit that left little to the imagination.

Megan Fox PHOTO: JASON SZENES EFE. Marta Boira But, of course, they are not operations demanded by cosmetic surgery patients and.

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In addition, there is talk of an augmentation mammoplasty, Botox, lifting, laser treatment for the skin and an operation to mark the cheekbones. ¡.

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Looking at their photos, some conclusions can be drawn. Incredible as it may seem, Megan was never a popular girl in high school. She wore braces and had orange hair because she dyed it blonde herself at home. Boys avoided her and girls didn’t trust her. After studying acting, at the age of 15 she landed a role in her first film. And after several unimportant jobs, he appeared in an episode of Two and a Half Men.

In Megan Fox she became a celebrity thanks to her role in Transformers. Her sexy and aggressive beauty surprised and attracted attention. Megan was in the thick of her transition to an absolutely spectacular woman, which required fixes like getting her breasts increased, trying out a new eyebrow design, and discreetly filling in her upper lip.

Thanks to the promotion of that film, we can see how much Megan Fox changed in a matter of a few months. His nose was a problem. From the front it wasn’t bad, but in profile it was a little aquiline. A complete rhinoplasty, in which you have to touch the septum, tip, cartilage or nostrils, is something risky that can change the face a lot.

In Megan Fox’s case, it was just a matter of correcting the septum. At the end of that same year, Megan Fox already had a new profile. As you can see in the image, between the before and after that year there are barely three months difference. Then only a little cosmetic work was necessary. The industry was delighted to have a new Angelina Jolie. his face was everywhere.

It appeared every month on the covers of fashion magazines. The paparazzi chased her day and night. If she wasn’t a good actress, she wasn’t a big deal either. Megan denied having undergone any operations or fillers. But all the alarms had already gone off.

It was weird and very swollen. Something had been done to his face. In Megan Fox appeared at the premiere of Jonax Hex with a deformed and swollen face. The photos went around the world. Although at first it was not known what had been touched, later it was published in the press that the change was… in the cheekbones.

Megan Fox had made the mistake of undergoing surgery she didn’t need. The photographs show that she had large implants. Big cheekbones change the face completely, because the difference affects the cheeks, the oval of the face and the shape of the eyes. If the operation goes wrong, all the skin of the face is stretched, leaving the appearance of a 60-year-old lady with a cat face who has had a facelift.

If we look at old photos of Megan, we can see that she did indeed have low cheekbones. Megan had gone from greedy. Logically, the result, as it was already impossible to improve, could only get worse. Megan Fox’s face has gotten a little better over the years.

It is evident that he has tried to clean up the mess and has made some progress. She reminded a lot of the Megan of the past. These implants can no longer be removed, because the effect would be even worse. They have already settled and stuck to the bone. Taking them out would destroy his face completely.

Now, Megan Fox leads a quiet life, away from the spotlight and focused on her children. He shoots a couple of movies every two or three years to earn large amounts of money that will allow him to give his family a good standard of living. Not all actresses who have disappeared after their moment of glory can say the same.