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They are the consequence of the lack of melanin (of a specific enzyme), of these foods to achieve that ‘anti-gray hair’ effect, for this.

They are the consequence of the lack of melanin (of a specific enzyme), of these foods to achieve that ‘anti-gray hair’ effect, for this.

There will always be people who want to change their skin tone, eyes or hair. For the latter, there are dyes, which allow you to renew the look and hide gray hair.


They are produced at the intra-organic level; Therefore, if we want darker, gray-free hair, we must find a way to stimulate the.

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In this article I explain how to choose a good vitamin complex for hair. As we age there is a decrease in the rate of hair growth. Gray hair appears due to the loss of melanin in the hair follicle, and frontotemporal hair loss occurs androgenic alopecia in males.

To make all of this worse, we often notice significant hair loss in late fall, especially in October and November. Human beings tend to lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair each day, a direct result of the phases of hair growth. A typical strand of hair has a life cycle of between 24 and 72 months 2 to 6 years during which it will grow normally.

Although some hair loss is perfectly normal, so is new growth. In case of androgenic alopecia, experts recommend including the plant Sabal Serenoa repens. Cysteine ​​is one of the main components of keratin, a protein that is found in high concentrations in the skin, hair and nails, and gives them elasticity and resistance.

Recommended daily dose: 1 to 1. The source from which the keratin used in the supplements is extracted is pure sheep’s wool, specifically from the intermediate filaments of the wool fiber. These strands are highly similar to human hair, so they have obvious benefits in hair and skin care applications. Keratin is normally insoluble. Ultimately, solubilized keratin is a naturally available source of cysteine, providing skin, hair and nails with the building blocks to help protect and repair damaged hair, nails and skin.

Solubilized keratin supplementation is ideal for reducing excessive hair loss with washing, as well as improving hair strength, shine and luster. RDA: mg per day of solubilized keratin, preferably outside of meals. VITAMINS B Complex Several of the B vitamins are involved in the production and maintenance of the integrity of hair, skin and nails, especially due to their role in the metabolism of proteins, a major constituent of these tissues.

Gives the hair luminosity and facilitates its combing, reducing the formation of ends. Likewise, Biotin Vitamin H has a fundamental role in maintaining the health of hair, skin and nails. Precautions: whenever it is supplemented with any of the B complex vitamins, individually and for prolonged periods, it will be convenient to accompany it with the complete B complex to avoid imbalances in the rest of the vitamins.

In the case of Biotin, the dose in supplementation ranges from 3. Dandruff may be related in some cases to poor nutrition, particularly zinc deficiency. Zinc exerts a sebum-regulating activity. Supports adequate antioxidant protection against oxidative damage, protecting the vital structure of the hair. RDA: 5 to 30 mg of zinc per day, with food. Most supplements specifically formulated to support healthy hair, nails, and skin provide the proper zinc:copper ratio.

Selenium The antioxidant activity of selenium, especially in combination with vitamin E, can provide protection against many of the ravages of aging. It is essential for the maintenance of hair and nails in normal conditions and prevent premature aging. Selenium is an essential component of glutathione peroxidase, an antioxidant enzyme formed by selenium and the tripeptide glutathione.

RDA: 50 to mcg daily preferably in combination with vitamin E. Silicon The mineral silicon plays an important role in the health of skin, hair and nails. In fact, a fairly reliable symptom of a lack of silicon not only in the elderly, but also in young people, is the weakness or fragility of the nails, which we could consider as an aging of these nails.

In most cases, a diet that provides enough silicon improves the appearance and consistency of nails, hair and skin. This gel is called tabashir. Precautions: it is advisable to look at the label to distinguish whether silica or elemental silicon is provided, and correctly calculate the dosage. Iron In periods of iron deficiency, signs such as brittleness and weakness of hair and nails occur. Precautions: iron supplementation is not recommended unless there is a deficiency that has been determined by blood biochemistry.

Recommended Daily Dose: 25 mg twice daily, with meals, until replenished; from then on, use the lowest dose possible. For maintenance, 10 to 15 mg a day is sufficient. Its administration is recommended in combination with vitamin C, since in this way it significantly increases the absorption of iron.

PLANTS Sabal Serenoa repens In the opinion of some phytotherapy experts, sabal can be an effective remedy for a type of hair loss and baldness called androgenetic alopecia. Although we still don’t know exactly how it works, it is believed that it can block an enzyme, namely 5-alpha-reductase, which converts the hormone testosterone into another hormone, dihydrotestosterone.

Regardless of the problem that affects dull hair, weakness, or excessive hair loss, proper care requires complete nutrition that includes the intake of optimal levels of proteins and micronutrients. Sabal extract should also be taken into account in cases of androgenic alopecia.