Melascreen Depigmenting Before And After

The best depigmenting for the face. Get rid of facial blemishes!

Ducray Melascreen, with its depigmenting creams, eclat illuminator and It must be replaced every 2 or 3 hours and after each bath.

– We will apply it in the morning and at night on the area where we want to remove the spots (face or neckline) with very clean hands.

Proven efficacy of 84%, Melascreen is the treatment that corrects and attenuates the presence of dark spots on the skin.

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Depigmenting formula for localized dark spots! Contains azelaic and glycolic acids that lighten and refine the skin of the face and neckline.

The best depigmentants for the face. Get rid of facial blemishes! | Druni-Blog

If you have spots on your skin, depigmenting creams will help Ducray Melascreen Depigmenting (31.30 euros) is applied.

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Melanocytes do not produce the necessary melanin. Due to the overproduction of melanin caused by sun exposure. Melasma or pregnancy spots 3 Large and symmetrical in appearance. Due to sun exposure, hormonal changes or hereditary and personal predisposition.

Freckles Small dots that contain a large amount of melanin. Due to the production of melanin by small groups that darken due to sun exposure. depigmenting creams. For this reason, it is essential to consult a specialist when we perceive the appearance of new spots. One of the main keys for our depigmenting cream to be as effective as we hope is a correct and constant application. Specialists recommend that we do it at night, since it is important to let the cream absorb well before applying other cosmetics on top.

Dry your skin completely. Make circular and soft movements to facilitate a correct absorption. It is also essential to know what type of cream we should use depending on the type of stain we want to treat. In the case of depigmenting creams also. Specifically, there are two gestures that can greatly influence the effectiveness of our cream for the better, of course: Exfoliation: at least once a week. Sun protection: essential. Many of them already contain sunscreen in their composition.

There is only one truth here: no matter how natural they are, all the cosmetics that we apply to our skin are likely to cause an allergic reaction. And, of course, depigmenting creams were not going to be an exception. In order to avoid this type of reaction, we should always carefully review the composition of the cosmetics we use, looking for any ingredient to which we are not tolerant.

Pablo Martín CarrascoDermatologist "The best depigmenting cream is to properly apply a photoprotection cream and avoid solar radiation. However, it is important that you bear in mind that the average duration of an anti-spot treatment is about two months. Before that time we will not be able to say that it has not been effective. If it is a severe case, do not worry, there are other solutions.

Therefore, they are only recommended for extreme cases.