Mermaid Makeup

Mermaid Makeup

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The mermaid obsession that we love so much continues. Therefore, we bring you the best tips so that this Halloween you look super.

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If you are one of the girls who hardly wear makeup on your face, this makeup is perfect for you. If you have time and you super produce the mermaid makeup that.

Mermaid Makeup in 5 Easy Steps |

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Mermaids have been recognized since the Middle Ages as beings with a human torso and a fish tail. The elements on which we will focus when doing our makeup are going to be: The look. The eyes and their contour must represent both the animal and the human part, as we will see below.

The color. The detail. Mermaid makeup step by step If we already have our mermaid costume and its accessories, it is time to start with the makeup. The first step to make our mermaid makeup is going to be to wash our face and moisturize it if we have moisturizing lotion, in this way we will be able to keep our skin smooth and avoid cracks caused by dryness.

On this first base, the first thing we are going to do is make up the look of our mermaid. Later, with a bright light blue color, we will paint the contour of our eyes above and below. It is time to create the marine details for our mermaid, for this we will start by applying a layer of glitter or glitter to the areas where we are going to create these details.

In our case it will be the forehead until reaching the cheekbones. We will also apply this layer of brightness to the rest of the areas of the body where we are going to create these details, such as areas of the neck or arms. The fourth step of the makeup is going to be to create the scaly skin of the mermaid, for this we will first need a fishnet stocking or a similar object that we will place on our head.

On it we will draw areas on our forehead of the light blue tone that we have used in the second step of the makeup. Once we have these areas drawn, we will draw new areas this time with a purple color. We will do the same in the areas of the body where we want to add the mermaid skin.

It is time to shape the mermaid lips, for this we will use a purple matte lipstick in a first layer and then we will give it shine with lip gloss. We can also paste them in other places, in our case we have chosen the area between the nose and the lips and the nose to place two small diamonds Woman Mermaid Makeup With the guidelines that we have seen you can create infinite types of mermaid makeup, experiment and create your own style.

Here are some examples created with the ideas we have seen in the tutorial. Clothes and Mermaid The Mermaid dress When choosing our mermaid clothes we have several options. On the one hand, we can wear a long, plain blue or green sleeveless dress to simulate the mermaid’s tail and hide our legs. There are also mermaid costumes that incorporate a tail and even have two fins at the end.

On the other hand, if we are looking for something that is elegant but at the same time we can consider it a costume, there is a middle ground between a dress that we can take from our closet and the full mermaid tail costume. This third option is a skirt that is shortened when it reaches the lower area of ​​the knees and widens again, thus simulating the fins of the mermaids.

We probably only wear this dress on festivities, but it’s definitely our favorite for mermaid characterization. Related Posts.

MERMAID makeup tutorial