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10 Iconic New York Filming Locations From You’ve Got Mail

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Joe and Kathleen meet by chance in real life after meeting anonymously online and exchanging poetic emails. You’ve Got New Mail is one of director Nora Ephron’s great works and a clear tribute to the city she loved.

The film takes viewers on a tour of legendary Upper West Side locations, adding stamp after stamp to the film’s pictorial passport. You’ve Got New Mail is not only a love story about two unlikely partners, but also that of a beloved city. This iconic waterfront location sits on the Hudson River in Riverside Park and offers New Yorkers a taste of marine life in the concrete jungle.

The Boat Basin was the setting for several scenes in You’ve Got New Mail, whenever Fox’s men needed an escape from the stress of running Fox Books. It’s also where Joe listened to his little brother practice spelling, yelled hello to New Jersey, and had one of many awkward moments with his notoriously inappropriate stepmom. Founded in by Barney Greengrass himself, it moved to its current location on Amsterdam Avenue in and has been a favorite haunt of the Upper West Siders ever since, so it’s no surprise that it featured in this iconic New York-set movie.

One of their chance encounters takes them to Verdi Square, where the pair explore the farmers market together as their rivalry fades and friendship blossoms. They share a park bench and a revealing look, and Joe suggests they meet again for lunch that weekend. Kathleen accepts his invitation and wishes him a ripe mango – it’s the epitome of budding flirtation. While still anonymous fans online, Joe and Kathleen agree to meet at the cafe.

Kathleen brings a book with a flower to indicate to her mystery man that she is in fact the "Shopgirl" of his emails. But when Joe shows up, he sees through the window that his love of the Internet is actually his business rival. The Shop Around the Corner Kathleen’s treasured bookstore, The Shop Around the Corner, was so central to the film that it was almost like a character in itself.

The store was modeled after the famous Upper West Side children’s store Books of Wonder, although the interior scenes were filmed on a set. The exterior scenes, however, were filmed outside an actual store on West 69th Street, which was an antique store at the time. The famous store has been featured or mentioned in countless movies and TV series aiming to portray the ultimate New York lifestyle.

Even Miriam in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel asked if she could buy a husband at Zabar’s. Joe convinces the cranky Rose to let Kathleen use her credit card, much to her annoyance. Kathleen’s Apartment Throughout the film, viewers see Kathleen Kelly in and out of her adorable apartment, located in a quintessential New York brownstone in W.

He professes his desire to rent movies with her for as long as they both live, "if only" their trade war wasn’t in the way. Kathleen fights against her clearly growing desires for him because she has hope in mysterious NY. The scene is a climax of the tension that had been brewing between Joe and Kathleen.

It’s the location of the infamous scene where Joe gets stuck in the elevator with his girlfriend Patricia Parker Posey and realizes he can’t be with someone who doesn’t share his priorities or speak to his heart the way Kathleen does. The fact that Patricia "makes coffee nervous" probably also had something to do with her decision. 91st Street Garden, Riverside Park In New York’s iconic Riverside Park is a picturesque garden that is a favorite with local kids, college kids, and dogs like Brinkley.

Joe emails Kathleen and invites her to meet him where the road curves at 91st Street Garden. When he arrives, he catches her eye with a little help from Brinkley.

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