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She is the daughter of singer Luis Miguel and actress Stephanie Salas, granddaughter of Sylvia Pasquel and great-granddaughter of Silvia Pinal and Rafel Banquells, that is.

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Luis Miguel recognized Michelle Salas until she was 18 years old; currently the young woman is a model of international stature; that’s how it looked before.

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From behind: Michelle Salas raises the temperature with an incredible photo shoot. Luis Miguel’s daughter shared a series of.

Michelle Salas, her story in real life

Today, the young woman is identified as the interpreter’s daughter, but for many years the father-daughter relationship remained under the shadows that usually surround El Sol. They were some statements that the then teenager gave in a social magazine broke decades of speculation, but at the same time they formed another eclipse. Michelle Salas, her story in real life Model, socialite, influencer and another of the great mysteries of the artist’s life. We x-rayed Michelle to get everything ready for the premiere of the new Netflix installment on Luis Miguel.

Saying that she is the daughter of Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas covers just one aspect of the multitasking life of this young woman whose resume ranges from gypset to fashion design and entrepreneurship in the fashion sector. Michelle is the daughter that the singer fathered in his youth with fellow singer Stephanie Salas, granddaughter of the legendary Silvia Pinal. Michelle’s arrival brought speculation about her relationship with Luis Miguel after the romance between El Sol and Sylvia Pasquel’s daughter became known.

That message in a social magazine was followed by the legal recognition of the idol’s paternity. Instead he has turned to the fashion industry. For years he worked as a blogger and collaborated with a pink press magazine. It has also been captured with his uncle, Alejandro Basteri, one of the artist’s younger brothers. The courtship between Stephanie Salas and Luis Miguel resonated at the end of the In an interview with Verónica Castro, when the actress had one of the main nightly programs on national television, the singer came to deny the existence of any son.

Stephanie and Michelle Salas in a photo of In fact, media and materials that continue to emerge to date have fueled this aspect by pointing out that the meetings between them were held privately. Eventually there was a rift that was broken after almost a decade. What came next unleashed an episode that brought the father-daughter relationship out of the shadows. Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. In that interview, the young woman also confronted her father in some way and asked him to explain the reasons for staying out of it.

In fact, it is said that the event and that the actress herself would have motivated the artist to approach Michelle, with whom he finally met again in Michelle, for his part, he would have received the paternal surname in , when Luis Miguel would have put properties in the name of the young.

That is one of the parts of the mystery that surrounds this facet of the singer’s life. In the few interviews that Michelle has granted, she remains elusive to the subject. Another clue to the father-daughter closeness is the coexistence of Michelle Salas with her uncle Alejandro Basteri, who is also close to the interpreter. Macarena Achaga, part of the cast of the second season, is in charge of playing Luis Miguel’s daughter in the new installment of Netflix.