Microwave Cupcakes

How To Make Cupcakes In A Mug In The Microwave

Mix all the liquid ingredients (milk, oil, egg, vanilla essence) accompanied by the sugar.

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Strawberry cupcakes in the microwave – Mix all the ingredients for the cake part well until a homogeneous dough forms. – Enter the.

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Once everything is mixed, add the flour and baking powder (place a tablespoon and stir well and place the other, until you put all 3).

Then put the spoonful of chocolate and stir well.

Cupcake in a microwave without milk

How to make cupcakes in the microwave. do you like cupcakes? You should know that even if you don’t have an oven you can make these delicious sweets.

cooking process

It’s really interesting to see this. But in this regard, it is also important to choose the right dishes for cooking. For the indicated amount of ingredients, I took a cup with a volume of ml. But during baking, the baked goods rose strongly, literally jumping off the edges. Therefore, as an option, the cake can be baked in two small cups for two parties.

For a variety of cakes, I have decided to add ingredients — frozen berries, that is, red currants. You can use anything else, like raspberries or strawberries, and you can do it all at once, just in small amounts. In a bowl, break the egg. Add a pinch of salt. Beat with a mixer for minutes until light and airy. Beat another minute. Add the sour cream and mix with a spoon until smooth.

We try to gently hinder, so that the eggs do not fall out. Sift the flour. Add the baking powder and sift the cocoa. Thoroughly, but stir gently with a spoon. It turns out a smooth and homogeneous dough for the cake. It should be lump free. We add a berry. I took the red currant out of the freezer. You can use fresh or frozen berries.

Stirring Put the dough in a cup. It is better to lubricate its walls with a small amount of butter or vegetable oil. It turned out quite dense, with a lot of juicy fillings. Enjoy your meal!

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