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The Before And After Of Daddy Yankee’s Wife: Mireddys González Surprises With Her New Look

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Mireddys González, Daddy Yankee’s wife, revealed the secret with which she managed to lose more than 20 pounds and look spectacular.

Mireddys Gonzalez is the wife of Daddy Yankee is the Chief behind the Yankee empire. People are mistaken about the real power broker of his.

In , when he was 19 years old, Daddy Yankee married Mireddys González. With her he has three children: Yamilette Ayala González, Jeremy Ayala.

The tender message that Mireddys González dedicated to Daddy Yankee for celebrating 26 years of marriage

Daddy Yankee and his wife Mireddys González celebrate 26 years of marriage. 26 years together! Daddy Yankee’s daughter congratulated her parents on her.

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Daddy Yankee’s luxurious gift to his wife Mireddys González for her birthday