Moisture Flies

Moisture Flies

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These flies breed in moist environments. Always dry the floor and walls well, since humidity contributes to the.

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humidity flies, moth flies, bath flies or drain flies (subfamily Psychodinae) and pup flies (subfamily Phlebotominae); these last.

Moisture Flies – What you should know about flies?

Bath or humidity fly (Diptera: Psychodidae). The so-called drainage, filter, urinal or latrine fly is a.

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two. how do they get to the bathroom?

The psychodidae Psychodidae are a family of nematoceran diptera commonly known as Paskens midges, moisture flies, moth flies, small flies, bath flies or drain flies. Generally, we usually find this type of flying insect in our bathrooms, especially in the bathtub area or our shower tray.

This is so because they come from sinks. These insects seem harmless but it is not entirely true since they are transmitters of the disease that we know as leishmaniasis. It is transmitted through the bite of these flies. They usually feed at night. This coverage is generally gray, but can also be white, black or brown.

The setae can be filiform or spatuliform. In general, the name of silks is used for the hairs and the term of scales for the spatuliforms. Methods to get rid of them The first thing we must do to get rid of humidity flies is to identify their hiding place and verify that it is the species in question. Once discovered, one of the remedies that exist to get rid of these annoying flies is to dry the drain area.

It is advisable to stick a transparent adhesive tape on top of each drain, but not to cover it completely. A covered pipe prevents such flies from flying up and getting stuck. Once it has been detected that they come from the area in question, we must destroy their home.

To do this, we must clean the entire drain of dirt, hair, dirt, etc., since said residues could contain eggs. It is advisable to apply the spray insecticide that works in confined spaces. Close all the doors and windows of the space. If possible, turn on an electric fan to help disperse any remaining spray.

Reapply about once a week.