Moisturizing Hair Cream

5 Homemade Creams To Nourish The Hair And Moisturize It Naturally

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Nourishing cream without sulfates, silicones, dyes or parabens. Repairing and intense moisturizing treatment for curly, dry or damaged hair.

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two. Coconut cream and starch

It can be used both as a facial and body moisturizer or as a hair mask. We can benefit from the qualities of plants not only nourishing our body from the inside, which is fundamental, but also from the outside, helping to keep it hydrated, smooth and in perfect condition to face any environmental aggression.

On a daily basis we not only have to fight with pollution, oxidation and age. Conventional creams are very expensive and promise miracles that they do not deliver. They contain a ridiculous amount of nutrients, harmful additives and once they are no longer used, the skin is in worse condition than the initial ones. I buy the ingredients online only once a year and in bulk. At first it may seem like a major investment, but in the long run you will earn more.

To do this, use the two openings of a teaspoon. One for each ingredient. It is a question of not touching the contents of the can or introducing utensils stained with other substances so as not to contaminate it and so that it lasts for a long time. When the wax has melted, add the avocado, wheat germ and rosehip oil and heat slightly until the fatty phase is well integrated.

Put your hand a few centimeters from the saucepan, you have to feel the heat without burning yourself. Do the same on the water and check that the temperature is similar. Add in it drops of mint. remove from fire. At this point slowly pour the water over the saucepan of the fat phase. Gradually integrate one into the other while beating with the mixer to obtain a homogeneous cream.

Pour into a glass container or several previously sterilized. TIPs: Used oils must be virgin and of the best possible quality. The refined ones would not fulfill their function. You can make the cream with just one of them if you don’t want to invest a lot, even with extra virgin olive oil. For oily skin it is better to use almond oil for example. I use this recipe for its versatility and simplicity. But don’t go crazy buying ingredients because you can spend a fortune.

go little by little. Take advantage of the remains of cream that have remained in the kitchen utensils with a cat’s tongue. You have a precious cream on your hands. If it were sold it would be worth a fortune. This may be the greatest difficulty because many oils such as rosehip, now so fashionable, are marketed as pure and they really are not.

It is better to look for a company or a specialized laboratory for online sales. Use preferably dark glass containers or cans previously sterilized with boiling water or alcohol. Store in a dry and dimly lit place. If you see that it smells bad or has a strange appearance, do not use it. USES: Body hydration: apply all over the body daily after showering. Facial hydration: apply a small amount to a freshly washed face before bed and when you wake up.

Gently brush and rinse. Repeat once a week. To prevent frizz and split ends: spread a minimal amount the size of a lentil into the palms of your hands and apply to the ends of your hair or beard daily. For curly hair it is great because it defines the curl without leaving any residue and gives the hair natural movement and shine without making it look crunchy or rubbery. After sunbathing: thanks to rosehip, it helps repair reddened skin after sunbathing.

Apply abundantly and repeatedly until the skin is restored. It is such a good regenerator that it may even save you from peeling. It is best to prevent. post navigation.