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The 30 Best Phrases of the Paper House

La Casa de Papel Phrases – That you don’t love anyone? ¡. I’m real, not perfect. tokyo. How much more.

1Phrases from La Casa de Papel (I) · You are not sexist: you are gil*p* – Nairobi. Anyone would betray you if the right conditions are met.

1Phrases from La Casa de Papel (I) · You are not sexist: you are gil*p* – Nairobi. Anyone would betray you if the right conditions are met.

Rio’s last sentence in the series is a heartfelt thank you to the Professor for bringing the whole team together and planning a phenomenal heist.

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two. ‘Dear, in the end, love is what makes us see life in a different color’, Mariví Fuentes (Mother of Raquel). 3. ‘The good thing about relationships.

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Money Heist Phrases

No wonder, the forger of the group has great charisma and has some of the best lines in the series. Take fear by the hand and continue living… because you have to live. As if this were a network of Pocholos. revelry sister. You’re going to listen to something I’m going to tell you, and you’re going to burn it on that pretty forehead you have. Fuck me Berlin this is not a Tarantino movie.

To love you need courage, I do dare, look. Helsi I love you, I love you so much that I would have a family with you. You see, this is courage, I’m sorry and I say it. The matriarchy begins. How happy you make me, come on gentlemen, what a pim what a pam what a pim what a pam. And move on from this clown who pimps you out. And what a boom, boom, to the hill of the ortho. Tokyo Phrases Tokyo has a very prominent role in the plot and within the series.

So it’s no wonder she has some of the best lines… After all, love is a good reason for all things to fail. As in chess, there are times when to win it is necessary to sacrifice a piece. It’s like a shark in a pool, you can swim with it. For all intents and purposes a ghost. The good thing about relationships is that we end up forgetting how they started.

Or so we thought… no one knew of anyone. And that’s where our friendship began… I didn’t even hear what he was screaming, I just wanted to write a fucking love letter. If you think about it, you never find a good day for a heist. And if I can’t carry my body, at least let my soul escape. And as our first defeat approached, the brains of the operation were absent, because as brilliant as it was, it only had two eyes, and at that moment they were all for the inspector.

Phrases of other famous characters from the paper house Of course, we must not forget other characters such as The Professor, Berlin, Stockholm, Denver, Lisbon. Berlin Anyone would betray you under the right conditions. Berlin There are people who study for years to earn a shitty salary, we only go to study for five months.

The Professor Betrayal is inherent in love. Berlin I’ve spent my life being a bit of a son of a bitch, but today I think I feel like dying with dignity. Neither you nor your children. The Professor We are very small, like mice that have to go through life making holes, because we have no idea of ​​anything else to do. If this is done by other people, nothing would happen. The Professor We are all going to die… for that I toast, because we are alive.

Berlin I’m not mute, I’m… quiet. Until then you can kill the bug by reviewing the phrases of other great phrases like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones.

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