Monopoly Stranger Things

Monopoly Stranger Things

Stranger Things Monopoly. In this Monopoly game inspired by the Netflix Original Series, Stranger Things, Will Byers has gone missing. Players choose an 80s-.

Monopoly Stranger Things. Inspired by the Netflix original series. In this Hasbro Gaming proposal, Will Byers has disappeared.

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Monopoly collector’s edition of the series Stranger Things. Includes glow-in-the-dark parts. REFERENCE | EAN


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Monopoly Stranger Things Edition Board Game

Then the banker must auction it. Bids start at M All players can bid. Collect color sets to build forts. You can build forts at the locations you’ve searched, but you can’t build them until you complete a set of colors.

Rent goes up at each location as soon as you complete the set. You can also upgrade Hideouts. The landlord must ask you for rent before the next player rolls the dice. Pay the price in the space on the board and take the Title Deed card. Then the banker must auction it. Owned Vehicles When you land in a Vehicle owned by someone else, you pay them a rental.

Searched Utilities When you land on a utility that someone else has already searched for, you pay them rent. Roll the dice again to decide the rent. Put it back at the bottom of the pile when you’re done. Nothing happens. Visiting only Don’t worry. If you land here, you just have to put your token in the Visit Only section. your turn is over. You have 3 options: Pay 50 at the start of your next turn, then roll and move normally.

Place the card at the bottom of the pile, then throw and move. Roll a double or an eleven on your next turn. Use the roll to move. You can use up to 3 turns to try to roll a double or eleven. Buildings Build Forts As soon as you get a set of colors you can start building Forts around Hawkins you don’t have to wait for your turn.

Pay the Bank the cost price of the Title Deed card and place a Fort at the Location. Build evenly. You cannot build a second Fort at a Location until you have built one at every Location in the game. You can only have 4 forts in a location.

Build Hideouts Once you have 4 Forts in all Locations of a full color set, you can pay to combine the Forts into a Hideout. You can only have 1 Hideout per Location. Bidding starts at You can’t buy any until someone sells theirs.

Auctions If you land on a Location, Vehicle or Utility and do not want to register or buy it, the Banker must auction it. The Banker starts the auction by offering the space to everyone for Anyone can bid up to 1 including the Banker and the player who originally landed on the space.

The highest bidder wins the auction, pays the Bank and takes the Property Title letter. no one pays anything. Deals and Trades You can buy, sell, or trade properties with other players at any time You must sell all buildings in a set of colors to the Bank before you can sell or trade a Location.

You cannot sell or trade buildings to another player. The amount is decided by the players making the deal. Mortgaged properties can be exchanged at any agreed price. The new owner must immediately Return the mortgage pay the Bank the cost of foreclosure. Sell ​​Forts to the Bank for half the cost price.

Forts must be sold equally across the entire color set. Mortgage a property To mortgage a property, you must first sell all buildings in its color set to the Bank at half their cost price. To mortgage, put the Property Title card face down and collect the value of the mortgage on the back of the Bank. However, the increased rent level can be charged at Non-Mortgaged Locations in a set of colors.

The new owner must immediately: Return the mortgage Pay the Bank the cost of dismortgaging. Return all your properties to the Bank. mortgages are canceled. All your properties must be auctioned immediately. The remaining players continue to play until there is only one person left who is not trapped in the Upside Down. This person has rescued Will and is the winner.

Auction whenever someone does not want to buy the property in which it has fallen.

Stranger Things Monopoly Game