Moon In Aquarius

What Are People Like With The Moon In Aquarius??

people with the sign.

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The full moon occurs in this sign, it means that it is time to connect with your innermost feelings. It is common for Aquarius to shy away from.

The Moon in Aquarius is attributed qualities of intuition, independence, scientificism, originality, detachment, extravagance, rebellion.

Aquarius Moon individuals are extremely observant. They have an open mind and a desire to investigate all knowledge.

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While the moon is in the sign of Aquarius we feel compelled to integrate with people. This is not the time to be alone or apart, but to gather.

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WhatsApp The Moon in Aquarius causes the energy of Aquarius to be oriented towards sustaining and maintaining a person’s sense of social and intellectual self-worth through connection with groups of our own choosing. That is why individuals with this conjunction are special. Moon in Aquarius The Moon in Aquarius turns out to be a very observant person. They like to observe the nature of nature and examine the reason why everyone around them assumes the attitudes they do.

It is normal for them to seem shy and even a little distant. But at the same time, they can be very affable, although inside they choose to be alone. For them it is not that of having to fit into the environment. They may turn out to be liberal, dreamy individuals, pretending that jealousy, fear and possessiveness don’t exist, at least not for them, that they are somehow above those sordid feelings.

This way of thinking can make them seem strange, distant and that they do not allow access to their emotions. They have the ambition to amaze those around them, and if they grew up in a conservative family, they may boast that they managed to change that. This happens because they lock themselves too much in what they want to achieve instead of putting their feet on the ground and seeing reality. The Sun Sign with Moon in Aquarius person is affable and sensitive, although they may have a tendency to exhibit a broad philosophy without taking real action.

Although it seems to us that they are distant people, in reality they are enjoying the peculiarities of those who are around them, and they are sure that they can offer their partners absolute freedom. Their security and kindness is a weapon that allows them to make many friends. Moon in Aquarius is an intellectual person who is both intense and intuitive. They adore all the elements of freedom, at all levels, from the personal to that of humanity.

They are able to give their support and personal work for many hours to support a cause they believe in. They are very dreamy people, so much so that if possible, they prefer to keep their heads in the clouds. In general, they are upright and trustworthy and usually make very good friends.

They are sensitive to criticism and this can cause them to deviate from their goal and take wrong paths. They expect to be accepted as they are, even if they are unpredictable to the point of being wild. But their magic makes it hard to stay angry with them for long. Aquarius Moon in Man They are active, pleasant and courteous men.

They are cordial, happy, satisfied, with devotion to their work, inclined to the company of good people. Some of them may be interested in astrology, the occult sciences and secret societies. They usually like strange and curious people, but sometimes they feel sad and can change through their friends.

The Moon in Aquarius increases your fantasy, perception and mental sensitivity. Aquarius Moon in Women These women are usually very beautiful, tall, with an oval face, seductive and attractive. It is not for nothing that they are said to be as beautiful as the Moon. These ladies are generally very intelligent, wealthy, acquire wealth and enjoy a high social position after marriage.

Sometimes, they are capricious and have strange behaviors. Imaginative, inventive, intuitive and inspiring. They strive to have high self-esteem, an excellent reputation, and charitable. They like outdoor life and sports activities, but some can be capricious and vain, and in terms of health, they often have pain in the feet and lower limbs.

As they age they suffer from weak eyesight. A friend of many, Aquarius is a Sun Sign known for appeasing those who are mentally disturbed, and this causes their presence to produce a calming effect in situations of tension and anxiety.

People with the Moon in Aquarius instinctively admit all kinds of responses, behaviors and lifestyles. His philosophy of live and let live means that he can gain the trust of a wide spectrum of individuals. Those with the Moon in Aquarius need to feel that they are accepted as an equal member of their group. For them, the acceptance of the group is the way in which they supply a security need that is very important to satisfy.

The energy of Aquarius does not know how to manage as an individual. That energy is concentrated in the group. What is important for Aquarius is that all the members of the group are at the same level, and that everyone has absolute freedom to act but within the definition of the group.

Moon in Aquarius – What is it like and what does it mean when a person is born with the MOON in Aquarius?