Moses Cadavid

Moisés Cadavid, actor, theater entrepreneur and television director, son of actress Dora Cadavid, died on Tuesday morning.

Dark Desire Series

Moses Cadavid. Cadavid was a theater impresario for his mother’s plays and other theatrical productions in Bogotá. Came to Barranquilla with Dora.

Moses Cadavid died on October 23. His mother, actress Dora Cadavid, and his wife, Marcela Botero, say that a note issued in ‘La Red’.

Dora Cadavid, mother of the late actor Moisés Cadavid, indirectly blamed this weekend on ‘El lavadero’, also a gossip program, ‘La red’.

Moses Cadavid died; a wake-up call for the caracol channel and its

Moisés Cadavid, Actor: Without Breasts There Is No Paradise. Moisés Cadavid was an actor, known for Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso , Rich Kids, Poor Parents .

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