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Moraine Lake and the Valley of the Ten Peaks.

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The 50 most beautiful places on the planet (1) · 1. Angel Falls, Venezuela 2. Antarctica 3. Antelope Canyon, Arizona 4. desert of.

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Great Prismatic Fountain.

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Fly Ranch Geyser – Nevada, USA

WhatsApp Share You have been lucky to be one of the inhabitants of the Earth. The planet has countless interesting and beautiful places that every earthling should visit. But it’s time to start with these 35 essential places. Mirror of water and lithium The Salar de Uyuni, located in the Bolivian high plateau of the Andes Mountains, is the world’s largest reserve of lithium, the chemical element used to manufacture batteries for mobile phones and electric cars.

But that natural wealth is not its main wonder. But her mirror is the thing to see. The capricious forms they adopt are the delight of adults and children. Of course, you have to dress warm. A mountain that is an Avatar If you watched the sci-fi movie Avatar, you are already halfway to the Tianzi Mountains.

These Chinese mountains were the location of the well-known James Cameron film. The other half of the route you have to do to the Hunan Province to be ecstatic with its beauty. Antelope Canyon There are not many antelope or deer in this canyon in Arizona, United States, but in return the enormous gorge formed by the erosion of water over millions of years offers its beauty to the visitor. The main danger, rare actually, is the speed with which the canyon is flooded in the midst of torrential rains.

Icelandic Ice Cave When liquid water manages to make a channel through the edge of a glacier, a kind of ice cave is formed. Its impressive bluish color occurs because very few air bubbles are trapped in the ice, and the ice absorbs all wavelengths of the solar spectrum except blue. Surreal cave The Reed Flute cave in China looks like it was drawn with Salvador Dalí’s surreal palette.

The coloration in various shades, a product of the lighting, gives the place a charm between real and dreamlike. It is said that the cave was already admired by the Chinese emperors of the Eastern HAN dynasty millions of years ago. Now it’s your turn. The water and the beach glow in a ghostly way, thanks to the bioluminescence of the millions of microorganisms that make up its phytoplankton.

Its multicolored vibrancy, mainly in shades of blue, red and green, comes from the pigmented bacteria that live on the surface of the water. But it is during the winter and towards its end when the wonders that you can not stop observing occur. When spring approaches, the thaw opens cracks in the crust, and you can see some turquoise planes that are a beauty.

Even the places that are eating life have their charm. Sandstorms blow from the desert, disrupting navigation for miles, but there’s plenty of sand in the Namib. Near Klevan there was a sawmill that received the logs by rail. Now the place is one of the sanctuaries of lovers from Ukraine and from all over the world with its attractive corridor and old railway. Due to its rare biodiversity, Socotra has been a World Heritage Site since This striking multicolored vision is the product of the ancient deposition of sandstone and minerals in superimposed layers throughout the periods of formation of the planet.

Then the action of rain and wind has contributed to giving shape and color to its peaks and valleys. In Waitomo there is also a place where a lot of domestic tourists and from around the world go. They are some caves that owe their fame to a humble insect. Rice Terraces It is not strange to find terraces in China with the cereal that is the national food.

They have been molded in the mountains by the Hanis peasants in a millenary work that has carved plains where before there were slopes, from almost sea level to two thousand meters of altitude. Pink Lake Lake Hillier, also called Pink Lake, is a beautiful and uniform body of pink water nestled on the Australian island of La Recherche, in the midst of dense vegetation consisting mainly of eucalyptus and melaleucas.

Its colorful pink color comes from the vital activity of halophilic microalgae and halobacteria that multiply in water highly saturated with salt. White Waterfall In the southwest of Turkey there is a territory called Pamukkale that has become an attraction for locals and visitors both for its beauty and for its mild climate almost all year round.

The Cotton Castle in translation from the Turkish language, overflows with hot springs, which have a high concentration of calcium carbonate. Irish mythology tells that they arose when two enemy giants fell to stones. But they are not mythical, they are real and you have to see them. Fly Geyser Sometimes a trivial action of man creates a natural wonder.

The drilling at the Fly Ranch was successful, but to the surprise of the pioneers, the water came out boiling, at almost degrees. After being abandoned, in the middle of the years the fountain came back to life and curious mounds began to form with the minerals dissolved in the thermal water. The curious phenomenon can be seen from the air and there are magnificent aerial and satellite photographs that show it. It is produced by the slope runoff of sediments, sand and silt due to the action of sea currents.

The coloration of the sea in its different shades of blue and green gives an additional attraction to the view of the illusory waterfall. Its characteristic coloration is produced by algae, one of the few inhabitants allowed in the place.

Another attraction is the geysers with a high concentration of sodium carbonate that emanate from the depths. It is located on the western edge of the Sahara, in Mauritania. The great mystery is how it came to be formed, in a predominantly flat territory. Now it is thought that it could have been a fusion of the rocky mantle that did not reach the surface and then the rocks sank over time. Highlands of Iceland The northern lights are beautiful atmospheric phenomena in which sunlight illuminates the sky in different shades.

They can only be visited in the northern hemisphere summer. However, all water is transparent when collected with a glass. The coloration is produced by the microorganisms that inhabit them. The predominant colors of the 7 lagoons are green 2 , black 2 , dark blue, normal blue and sky blue. A whole symphony of colors worth seeing. Río Tinto This Spanish river that bathes the provinces of Huelva and Andalusia, owes its name to its reddish waters, similar to red wine.

Bacteria that are capable of surviving in a medium with high concentrations of sulfur also contribute to it. Throughout its history, it has been a source of copper, gold and silver. Now its main wealth is tourism. The cathedral was built inside the mines and is at the same time a museum, an art gallery and a place of recollection. Colombians chose her as their First Wonder. Not to be missed. Naica Mine This Mexican lead and silver mine located near the town of Naica, in the state of Chihuahua, is both a site of targeted production and a tourist attraction.

The site was as attractive as an ordinary mine can be, until in the year some miners who were drilling found impressive and perfect crystallizations of gypsum ore, which reach up to 10 meters long by one wide.

Now the mine is known worldwide as the Cueva de los Cristales. Another of its great attractions are the tepuyes, mountains with vertical slopes that exceed meters in height, home to many creatures that only live there. From the park you can take a land excursion to the waterfall. It can also be seen from a rented plane. Playa Escondida Ya Playa Escondida is not the best kept secret of the Mexican Marietas Islands, which is excellent news for tourists who are good swimmers.

The beach appeared behind a rock wall, during a military operation with explosives. Cenote Angelita The cenotes are naturally flooded depressions, which were formed in reliefs made up of water-soluble minerals. There are open air, semi-hidden and hidden in caves. One of its main attractions is the variety and beauty of its fauna and flora, which makes it ideal for diving. Another attraction of the cenote is that from its depths flows a stream of hydrogen sulfate that resembles a river under water.

When the level of the lake drops, it is possible to explore the caves in small boats. Several slogans dispute the representativeness of the river. From "the rainbow that melted" to "the river of five colors" It runs through the Sierra de la Macarena, in the Department of Meta, and its 5 predominant colors are blue, red, green, yellow and black.

If you go to Colombia, you cannot miss going to Caño Cristales, the fashionable destination. I’m sorry this tour of 35 great stops is over. I hope you enjoyed.

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