Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs


Taurus: those born under this.

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Cancer. It is the sign of the zodiac that monopolizes the greatest number of crimes. Taurus Sagittarius Aries Capricorn.

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Gemini Scorpio Pisces Aries Aquarius.


It is the sign of the zodiac that monopolizes the greatest number of crimes. According to the FBI, the majority of his crimes are crimes of passion and serial murders. In.

They can take advantage of your vulnerability to attack you and leave your heart broken into a thousand pieces. Libra If you know Libra, you knew perfectly well that this is the place he had to occupy. Libra is characterized by empathy and charm in person and the truth is that doing harm for free does not go much with him. He would never waste his time thinking of a Machiavellian plan for revenge. or almost never.

Aquarius Aquarius is a sign known for being quite rebellious and above all, for being quite fair too, like Libra. Aquarius never wants trouble or moves with anyone. And he is not one of those who is obsessed with revenge. he knows it very well. He has a heart full of kindness and generosity. It is not that he is not sincere, but that there are times when he has feelings that he keeps too much and in the end that can become something toxic and dangerous. Sagittarius Sagittarius is optimism and good vibes in person.

He doesn’t have a single drop of evil in his body but hey, he knows how to play bad even if he isn’t. She always has a smile for every occasion, she always has the positive energy that is necessary to move forward. Sagi works hard to reach her dreams and to get what she has always wanted.

Although it is also true, that sometimes they lose their forms and impulsiveness. But well, it must be said that his intention from the beginning is not bad. Taurus has the patience to put up with anyone and has a lot of love to give to his loved ones. Yes, the Bull can be very good when he wants to, but when he gets angry… When he gets angry he can become VERY dangerous. Gemini is flexible and is able to adapt to any situation very quickly.

It is true that he wants good for everyone and that his mission in life is not to harm anyone, but if they harm him, he must be prepared. It is difficult for you to escape if you have played it. One moment he can love you and the second he can be his worst enemy. That duality also has a touch of danger, but as soon as you manage to understand it, the danger disappears. Due to these mood swings, they are very unpredictable people, so, from the beginning, it can make you quite suspicious.

He has a lot of love to give and give away and is quite familiar. But, it’s not as good as it seems either. Because yes, when it’s good, he’s the best of all, but when it’s bad, it’s better not to know him. He is very emotional, and because of his emotions he is able to manipulate anyone. So, better always go with clear things.

If something doesn’t turn out the way you want, a really big mess gets involved. Luckily, he is quite patient, he knows how to stay calm and does not send the first one who contradicts him to hell. But the true poison of Virgo lies in their words. And it is that sometimes he is so direct and so critical that he hurts people with what he releases through his mouth. If Virgo doesn’t like what you’re wearing, doesn’t like your attitude, or thinks you’ve done something wrong, he’s going to go straight to attacking you and telling you all the bad things.

But to all this, we must also add that Virgo has a hard time forgiving and forgetting. If you do something bad to Virgo today, it will be remembered until the year Virgo is quite dangerous for being so critical and so spiteful. Capricorn With Capricorn something similar happens as with Virgo. It is very difficult for him to forgive and forget and he is quite spiteful. They believe that only they can be right and sometimes they are even a little know-it-all.

The danger comes when something gets between your eyebrows. As someone dares to contradict him or simply to tell him that he will not be able to achieve it, Capricorn is capable of killing them with his eyes and making things very clear. And worst of all, Capricorn is a sign with a certain pessimistic, dark and very patient personality. As Aries has a bad day or just a bad time, he is capable of paying his anger with anyone. Be careful if you’re going to mess with Aries, because it’s not going to be a tasteful dish.

The best of all is that the danger remains there, at the moment when he gets pissed off, then rest assured that he goes home and does not spend much time thinking about what happened. Leo Now we are going to talk about Leo, a sign that loves power and loves to command everyone. Leo has such a domineering personality, a personality that can be a bit arrogant at times. That yes, that Leo has natural charm and that he has a lot of love to give to everyone, nobody says otherwise.

But everything that is good about it is also dangerous. Leo is a sign that connects very well with people and is able to get to know them perfectly. This is what makes it such a dangerous sign. He is a cute kitten when everything is going well but a furious lion when something is not going.

Scorpio This ranking could not be headed by another, it was clear. Scorpio is a sign that transmits contradictory sensations, it can give you a lot of confidence but at the same time mistrust, you can think of them that they are good people but at the same time, that they have poison inside. and all of that is true. Be careful with Scorpio, because it can really become very dangerous.

How DANGEROUS are you according to your zodiac sign??