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Scorpio Is The Most Unfaithful Sign Of The Zodiac, According To Astrologers

Being the most sexual sign of the zodiac, it could be thought that it is the most unfaithful, but it is not. What happens is that due to his sensuality it costs him a lot.

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Several astrologers agree that the most unfaithful sign is scorpio. Those born under this sign are passionate and considered also the.

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According to the portal ‘As a Couple’, the most faithful and loyal zodiac sign is Taurus, who despite being very jealous know how to value the.

Scorpio is the most unfaithful sign of the zodiac, according to astrologers

Be careful, if your sign is not on the list, it does not mean that you are exempt, it just means that you do not arrive. Do you know which is the most unfaithful sign of the zodiac??

Some signs don’t fancy monogamy.

The Air signs — Gemini, Libra and Aquarius — need to communicate permanently and someone who talks little and without intellectual concerns ends up tiring them. Each native has particular reasons to cheat on their partner, reasons that can be avoided.

Learn what leads each sign to be unfaithful and how to prevent this from happening. Aries This is the sign of conquest and physical strength. The Aries is not unfaithful to another, but is always very faithful to himself. He is innocent and does not think about the damage he can cause. Like a child, he is only interested in getting what he wants and winning at all costs. You need caresses, kisses and lots of pampering to feel loved and safe.

You can be very materialistic and look for convenient relationships from an economic point of view. Gemini It is difficult for him to be faithful because he is a curious child who loves to discover new experiences that amuse him. It all starts with an innocent and friendly conversation and then, like playing, you can start a love affair for the sole pleasure of excitement and fun.

Rarely emotionally involved. It is his main defect: he is not aware that he can hurt another in his careless actions. Tip: Always keep their interest piqued. He is a lover of the principles of home and family and finds it difficult to put them aside to open up to new and unknown experiences.

Like the crab, with its claws it powerfully grasps its prey at the same time that it gives itself with all its affection. Tip: Say "I love you" often. Leo The Leo seeks recognition from those around him and needs his partner to admire him. Attracts attention and likes to be the center of a relationship.

His ability to lead is clear in the affections. He can be very faithful and generous if he finds a suitable company, but he can also be despotic when he is not treated like a king. If your partner can withstand the criticism that the Virginian makes of him and molds himself to his perfectionism, it is rare for clandestine affections to arise.

Needs to please and seeks to make the other feel good to achieve harmonious relationships. He is somewhat emotionally unstable and does not realize when he seduces. Scorpio Difficult to discover the infidelity of a Scorpio. He hides his emotions as well as his actions, because he knows that this gives him power.

He is very sensitive but from a young age he learns to control himself. The great passion and magnetism of the sign attracts tumultuous and explosive relationships. Gives himself totally to the person he trusts and expects the same in return. Tip: Do not arouse his jealousy and give him pleasure. Expansive and vital, he likes to enjoy the passion he feels and awakens in his partner. Uninhibited, most of the time, everything starts as a game. You need passion to feel alive.

He has his own moral principles and can be a great liar in order to justify a clandestine adventure. Difficulty acknowledging your true feelings. Capricorn Slowly but surely, the Capricorn plans his future as well as his relationships. When he gives himself to a relationship, he looks for stability and security, but it is also true that he is a sensual sign that needs passion and can coldly calculate how to keep a wife and a lover at the same time.

Tip: Feed Your Fiery Sexiness. Can be very detached in relationships and may be seen as cold and aloof. He hates jealousy, seeks freedom at all costs like an eternal teenager and to run away from commitments, he shows off his ability to relate and seduce. Tip: Offer your loving friendship. It is to merge strongly in their relationships, to the point that they lose their own identity.

The most UNFAITHFUL SIGNS of the ZODIAC – Horoscope 2022