Mothers Of The Children Of Eugenio Derbez

Meet The Mothers Of Eugenio Derbez’s Children

Eugenio Derbez and his sons José Eduardo and Vadhir unleash They are the mysterious mothers of Eugenio’s children.

Meet the mothers of Eugenio Derbez’s children through their love history. Many women believe that their ideal man should make them.

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Gabriela Michel is the mother of Aislinn Derbez, the first daughter of actor Eugenio. Gabriela is a dubbing actress, she was married to the.

Let’s start with Gabriela Michel, she is the mother of the actor’s first daughter, Aislinn Derbez according to El Debate, the actor was married to.

Who are the mothers of the children of Eugenio Derbez?

MEXICO CITY.- The love life of the Mexican actor and producer Eugenio Derbez, son of the late actress Silvia Derbez, has been plagued.

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Aislinn Derbez and Gabriela Michel

Twitter Writing-The Mexican actor and producer, Eugenio Derbez has had children with four different women. Vadhir, Aislinn, José Eduardo and Aitana are the product of four relationships that the son of the late actress Silvia Derbez had. Gabriela Michel mother of Aislinn The oldest of her children is 31 years old, the fruit of her love with a dubbing actress.

Gabriela and he were married for a short time, between and and thanks to her he became a father for the first time. After her marriage, she found love again in the voice actor and announcer José Alberto Aguilera, the famous announcer of "En Familia con Chabelo". Silvana Torres Prince, mother of Vadhir Eugenio’s second son is now 27 years old and has been an actor and singer since childhood. At all times he has come out in the picture and has an undeniable charisma.

He was born in , since then the couple was together until , when they said goodbye. With the separation came a fight over the custody of the child in which Victoria argued that Derbez deceived her by planning a fake wedding. Aitana: Alessandra Rosaldo The minor’s daughter was born in , when the actor had already turned 52 years old.

She is the daughter of Alesandra Rosaldo, the singer of Senses Opposites with whom the Mexican producer married in , after seven years of dating. They recently celebrated 12 years from the moment she fell in love with the comedian.

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