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Netflix movies by age to watch as a family | children’s cinema

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The Lost Daughter (2022)

Movies for children from 3 to 6 years 1. Super Monsters: Endless Friendship In this movie, the characters from the well-known series celebrate spring by eating and having fun in the park. Movies for children from 7 to 10 years 4. Gru, my favorite villain There are already several movies that we have been able to enjoy since the first one was released in , Gru, my favorite villain. In this installment, he tries to fulfill, with his army of Minions, his plan to steal the Moon, while three little orphan girls want him to become their father.

Los Futbolísimos A Spanish adventure comedy based on Roberto Santiago’s famous book collection of the same name. The time has come to make a secret pact and create Los Futbolísimos with a clear objective: solve the enigma and be able to stay together.

Kung Fu Panda In this movie, panda Po, who works at the family noodle shop, wants to become a kung-fu master. Suddenly, his dream becomes reality: he turns out to be the one chosen to fulfill a prophecy and has to study martial arts with the Furious Five, his great idols. Po is going to need all the wisdom, strength and skills to protect his people from a snow leopard.

Also self-confidence, which is essential to fulfill dreams. To his surprise, the destination is a spectacular and remote island. A terrible storm forces them to take refuge in the mansion of the funny Miss Pam, where children without families enjoy a paradise without rules, but they soon discover that the sudden disappearance of their parents in the middle of the night is related to the secret that the house contains. mysterious island and its strange inhabitants.

They then decide to set up a nursery in their house. They think that since they already take care of their children, they can do the same with those of other working parents. So they embark on the difficult task and have to deal with some very mischievous children, which leads to chaotic situations, a little stressful and a lot of fun. This initiative does not please her competitor, Miss Gwyneth Harridan, played by Anjelica Huston.

A comedy to have a good time with the family that transmits the fighting and entrepreneurial spirit of parents in trouble. A great coach Phil Weston, a character played by the American comedian Will Ferrell, decides to coach his son’s team despite being a person with little interest in sports.

But he wants to help the group improve and that his son does not spend his life on the bench. The problem is that the coach of the rival team is his father, Buck, an enormously competitive person with whom he has a rather stormy relationship. With the help of a neighbor, he manages to get his boys ahead. In this film, which deals with difficult father-son relationships with humor, the final message is that winning is not the essential goal.

Spy Kids Carmen and Juni think they have boring parents. But one day they discover that they are international spies and that they have been kidnapped. Then the responsibility falls on them to rescue them and help the evil Alexander Minion not carry out his plans. A perfect adventure movie to have a good time with the family. Full out Film based on the life of Ariana Berlin, a gymnast who dreams of reaching the Olympics and who suffers a car accident.

The doctors tell her to forget about gymnastics and, although many people around her ask her not to give up, at first she sees it as impossible. But everything changes when he meets his physical therapist, Michelle. She asks Ariana for help so that the dance group she leads can become professional. Ariana herself participates in the film as a double.

A story of personal improvement and friendship that is very motivating. It’s a great place because there they can be themselves without humans bothering them. However, things get difficult when an ordinary man arrives at the party and falls in love with Mavis. The Adventures of Tadeo Jones This is the first animated feature film by Spanish director Enrique Gato, creator of the character that gives the film its name: Tadeo Jones. And for this great adventure, he has the help of his dog, a teacher, a hustler and a mute parrot.

His mother’s job takes him to China and he feels like a stranger there. As in the original movie, there is a bully from school who makes life difficult for the boy. On this occasion, they undertake a trip across the country to prevent their guardian, Dave, from proposing to his girlfriend. It is a fun movie with animation elements in which, in the end, friendship and affection win.

The Next Generation Lonesome Mai forges an unlikely bond with a top-secret robot as she embarks on an action-packed adventure to thwart an evil villain’s plot. Chihiro’s journey Chihiro is a capricious and headstrong ten-year-old girl who believes that the entire universe must bow to her wishes. When her parents, Akio and Yugo, tell her that they have to move house, she becomes furious and does nothing to hide her feelings.

Matilda Based on the indispensable book by Roal Dahl and directed by Danny DeVito, this film tells the story of a gifted and book-loving girl who is despised by her family. Arriving at school, he meets his teacher, the sweet Miss Honey, and the evil Principal Mrs. A film that shows us the power of independence and the strength of our own identity. In it, the life of the intelligent and kind-hearted Kubo changes suddenly when he accidentally summons a mythical spirit that returns from the heavens determined to carry out an ancient revenge.

A story that speaks of the love of parents and children and that introduces us to such important values ​​as courage and teamwork. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind This film based on true events tells the story of a 13-year-old boy who is inspired by a science book to build a wind turbine and save his village from famine in Malawi.

Although it contains some violent scenes and sad moments, it conveys powerful messages about the importance of perseverance, curiosity and integrity. Princess Mononoke Another anime story by Hayao Miyazaki in which a prince suffering from a deadly curse sets out to find a cure and gets caught up in a battle between a mining town and the animals of the forest. None of them wait for their prince, but they are leaders of their communities with big problems to solve.

The story tells how a pack of wolves raises a human child in the jungles of India and the animals of the jungle end up accepting him as one of their own. A film that offers us messages about the importance of teamwork, friendship and the idea that the family is the one we choose and that chooses us. But a hostile environment makes carrying out his dreams very difficult. His father and older brother are miners, living through the difficult times of the coal strikes of the mid-1980s in Great Britain.

The father wants him to learn boxing and, when he finds out about his hobby, he forbids him to dance. Then Billy, unable to give up his dream, is forced to continue his training in secret. Big Fish A journalist tries to get to know his dying father better, searching for the truth behind the absurd stories and epic legends that he has been telling throughout his life.

Alpha Europe, In the middle of his first hunt with the elite group of his tribe, a young man is wounded and left for dead. Despite the difficulties, together they face the future with love and hope, and from the position of an unconventional couple. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Based on a short story by Scott Fitzgerald, this moving film explores themes of life, death, and the power of love through a boy who is born an old man and dies as a baby.