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Why Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla (2022) Was A Great Reboot?

The MUTOs are parasitic titans who first appeared in Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla as the main characters.

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Also the female is bigger than the male. Origins. The M.OR.T.OR. they are predators (in their adult phase).

MUTE ; David Callaham Gareth Edwards Matt Allsopp Matt Cross Lee Ross Winged MUTO (male) Eight-Legged MUTO (female).

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Afterward, I wrote a comment about how Gareth Edwards’ film honored Ishiro Honda’s original creation, which was turning sixty that year. Now, with the end of a failed but interesting trilogy imminent, it occurred to us to bring this article back to think about what went well and what went wrong in this controversial reboot that continues to create controversy.

The question, of course, is not silly and does not come from anywhere. All, of course, while we wait impatiently for King Kong. Remembering the crooked dinosaur that Roland Emmerich made, we will always appreciate that. The male’s triangular head and impressive flight maneuvers are reminiscent of Gyaos in his confrontations with Gamera; and the death of the female that gave everyone so much satisfaction at the end of the movie, vaguely reminiscent of the death of the DNA thief Orga in the movie Godzilla Millennium The old memory Yes, this was all very exciting.

Serizawa’s character in the first movie is so cool because it says something important about the historical and social moment in Japan. In this sense, Serizawa is the very image of the scientist that the Japanese put before those responsible for the atomic bomb in the West.

Unlike all those responsible for the mushroom cloud, from Einstein to Oppenheimer, this brilliant Japanese scientist refuses to reveal his research until he is certain of its beneficial use for humanity and the impossibility of militarizing it.

Only at the request of the woman he loves and seeing a children’s choir singing the desolation of Tokyo, Serizawa allows his invention to be used as a weapon. But, doing this, he burns his research and sacrifices himself. Serizawa’s is a total sacrifice: loving sacrifice, camaraderie, scientific ethics, for an impeccable legacy. Honda’s idea is that if everyone in the West had been like Serizawa, the clocks would not have stopped at a quarter past eight in the morning, that August 6, O macho, when he sees that things are getting out of control; and keeps him alive for fifteen years to prevent a radiation leak.

It might seem, then, that what guides this character, unlike the first Serizawa, is innocent ambition. In this he reminds another visionary who soon confronts overflowing nature: Mr. Hammond from Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. There is something in this film that involuntarily draws us towards that 90s science fiction gem.

shoot her! Because the point is that there is a natural balance that is established with the victory of Godzilla in this new movie. And victory is not lonely. It is true what Annalee Newltz says in her very good comparative article between this film and Pacific Rim: here, unlike Del Toro’s film, everything revolves around the paternal issue. Joe Brody Bryan Cranston wants his son back, Ford Brody Aaron Taylor-Johnson wants to save his son, and Godzilla is finally the father figure who saves the skins of all of us, his children.

Or, they pass out together, they look into each other’s eyes… The relationship is clear and it is the balance between these two parts that finally restores the balance of nature. And that’s not all. That nature that is restored goes through the motivations of the two heroes, the human and the god. Here, now, the hero, blinded by selfless motivations, proceeds by natural selection and saves, from the smallness of his perspective, what the queen of all dictates to him: nature in her balanced wisdom.

The man is no longer exalted, the monster is humanized and we are well placed, like the coarse animals that we are. Times have changed and trust in science has been restored. Forgetting the great teachings of those who sacrificed themselves to save us, unaware of the horrors we produce, we no longer claim science but the accident of our existence.

Sixty years after Honda, the great ethical models have dissolved and we only praise unwitting heroes.

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