Myrka Dellanos Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel Is A Living Legend: Myrka Dellanos.

Myrka Dellanos shared in her account an old and unpublished photograph with Luis Miguel. In the snapshot, Myrka and the singer.

Despite the fact that together the most beautiful love story of the world, Myrka Dellanos never talks about the romance she had with Luis.

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Despite the fact that together the most beautiful love story of the world, Myrka Dellanos never talks about the romance she had with Luis.

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The host Myrka Dellanos during a television program revealed what is the relationship she has with the singer Luis Miguel.

Myrka Dellanos revives romance with Luis Miguel – Rumbo Nuevo Newspaper

The told and untold things in Luis Miguel’s series cause Mariah Carrey, Myrka Dellanos and Aracely Arámbula, the mother of his.

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But it was a long time before the singer had a serious relationship. It was known that at the end of the TvyNovelas awards in the 80s he was accompanied by some celebrity who got into his truck and was captured by gossips: Thalía, Paulina Rubio, Adela Noriega… Mariana Yazbek and Luis Miguel.

The model also tried to deny it in as many interviews as she could, until she accepted it in a program in Miami, in They were together until they had an impasse, the year in which Luis Miguel went with Salma Hayek to the Oscars. In , Luis Miguel returned with Daisy and, curiously, they went together to the Academy Awards in , because she was the face of the Revlon brand sponsor of the event. The stability did not last long and they ended definitively that same year.

Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel. Mariah commented in an interview on an Argentine program that she proposed it because that way they would avoid the paparazzi. The romance lasted three years. Mariah fell into a depression in and it was said that it was because of the Mexican, but 17 years later she confessed on Oprah that it was because of bipolarity. Luis Miguel and Myrka Dellanos. He was delighted, but he asked her out until People magazine confirmed the relationship in The romance coincided with the moment in which the famous journalist left her program Primer Impacto on Univisión.

Fortunately, the journalist came out ahead of that chapter of life. Two children were born from that solid two-year relationship that moved all the fans of Luis Miguel. The couple and their firstborn appeared on the cover of the Spanish magazine Hola! It seemed that Luis Miguel had finally settled down, especially since the following year Aracely was pregnant again and had a program on maternity in Miami.

On December 18, Daniel was born and was featured again in the same magazine. The breakup came in The transcended were that the singer got fed up with the actress’s family. At first, Aracely did not talk about the matter, but over time she used the microphones to reveal that the singer did not see her children and did not pay a pension, complaints that persist to this day, along with hints from her on her social networks. With Desire Ortiz.