Nail Decoration 2022

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Also within gel nails, why not, we can choose to wear short nails. In this way we can wear beautiful decorated nails.

Many of us are fanatics of nail decoration and we don’t miss an opportunity to show off fantastic nails; but there are many.

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The best nail decorations –

We present you some proposals in decoration for very artistic and beautiful nails that will be a trend in the , and that are ideal.

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The best nail decorations 2022

Taking advantage of the beginning of the era of sandals or, at least, of peep toes, nothing better than daring with a daring nail decoration. In this way, we will not only be able to practice to be able to do it later in our hands, but we will also achieve a perfect decoration to wear on the occasions that we want. The best nail decorations In this section we are going to see a couple of completely different designs, despite staying on the same color scale.

Nowadays there are many that do it great, you just have to make it clear what you want when you go to make an appointment. Fuchsia tones are very suitable for decorations like that, however, the good thing about this design is that it allows you to go to other colors without changing the style. Because in reality it is only a question of painting three nails of each hand in a plain color, the thumb, the middle finger and the little finger, and leaving the other two for the decoration with bows, the index and the ring finger.

These two nails would go first in a reverse french manicure color on the tip, white on the body and we would either add the bow sticker or hand paint it. Trends in nail decoration When we talk about nail decoration for this year, we must bear in mind that trends change not only from year to year but also from season to season.

For example, one of the trends that continues to be all the rage is the possibility of adding different nails to the nail decoration that are marked with natural nail decoration. Creating specific messages or phrases is also another trend in nail decoration this year. It is about leaving a message and that the person who sees your nails is impregnated with it and wants to read it completely to know a little about what it is about.

Here you can play a lot with this and leave a message to the person you love or give a general message to everyone. It is a perfect space to express yourself and to let your nails speak for you.