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Manicure Ideas For Men

A group of men in Bogotá, Colombia, is trending manicures with exotic designs, encrusted with stickers.

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Black nails: Black is a very manly color and with a suitable design these nails will look perfect on a man. Designs.

A group of Colombian men are flocking to barbershops and beauty salons to request a manicure with exotic designs.

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Manicure ideas for men

Surely these elegant acrylic nail designs gave you many fun ideas to start decorating your hands. Remember to always experiment with.

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TOP A couple of years ago, Ellito Costello, an Australian social entrepreneur, traveled to Cambodia with a group of volunteers to study what kind of projects they could develop in this depressed area of ​​the planet to improve the lives of its inhabitants. One afternoon, he met a girl named Thea, and despite the fact that neither Thea spoke good English nor did he know Thea’s language, they spent hours talking about their lives and that afternoon ended when the young woman painted Elliot’s nails with her bright blue nail polish.

She learned that after losing her father at age 8, her mother had sent her to an orphanage in the hope that she would have a chance to find a safe family environment. However, she was physically and sexually assaulted and the effects of these assaults would mark her for life. Alec Baldwin joins the campaign. Facebook YGAP. The Australian found his eureka when he remembered that the talk with Thea had ended with his painted nails. So last year, it launched the polishedman campaign and it’s estimated that it gained a following of 58 million viewers.

YGAP already has the support of some famous men such as actors Alec Baldwin, Hug Jackman, Luke Hemsworth, chef Mario Batali or English tycoon Richard Branson for a campaign that aims to promote positive male role models. And he considers that making visible these positive models that externalize the masculine commitment with an element as striking as a painted nail can touch many consciences.

The next step for YGAP is to seek financial support to contribute to the eradication of child violence.

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