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The shape of a logo can create an emotional and psychological connection. They are also great for efficiency and reliability.

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Vintage Logos For Acrylic Nails

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Creating a logo may seem simple, but there are several factors that go into a successful logo design. Often, we pay close attention to some of the components, such as colors and fonts, but ignore crucial aspects, namely the shapes that make up a design. Therefore, it is important to understand what each shape says about your brand and understand how you can effectively incorporate them into your design.

The Olympic rings are a perfect example of circular logos, representing cooperation, unity, and friendship. Circles are also a sign of continuity and perseverance. Because they tend to be less common in everyday life, circles are also a great way to get attention. Companies like Microsoft and American Express, for example, use lots of squares in their logo designs to impart a sense of order and confidence to their brands.

They also convey some of the same emotions and ideas. Their association with masculine appearance and power makes them excellent for these two sectors, as well as for industries like law enforcement and male-oriented consumer demographics. Horizontal Lines Like the horizon or land sighting, horizontal lines are an influence for rooting with a mark. For most people, horizontal lines represent a sense of stability and calm.

Organizations that want to appeal to the feminine side often use horizontal lines as part of their designs, incorporating a softening effect into otherwise bold and angular designs. Horizontal lines can also represent dynamism and movement. For example, delivery companies can add horizontal lines to their logos to convey a sense of movement and speed. By using layers of horizontal lines, businesses create a sense of calm and tranquility as well as an image of community.

Vertical lines While horizontal lines tend to be related to calm, tranquility and femininity, vertical lines communicate strength, power and masculinity. Companies that want to look forward-looking and bold use straight lines as a way to frame their designs with stable elements. It is important to be careful when using vertical lines, as too many can make a mark appear overbearing and overly aggressive.

Gatorade, for example, uses a lightning bolt shape that conveys the company’s energetic image. Curves Curves are a great way to add a sense of movement and rhythm to a logo design. Unlike straight horizontal or vertical lines, curves are all about movement, happiness, and positive emotion. Companies with a brand that reflects feelings of happiness and joy would be suitable for curved logos.

In many cases, spiral shapes are used to represent a flow of energy, time, love, as well as a slow building strategy. Companies that want to communicate their growth and evolution can also use spirals to symbolize their changing nature. You can even use concepts from Gestalt theory, created by German psychologists, which holds that people tend to see collections of shapes and objects as a unified whole, rather than individual parts.

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