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Nail Shapes: Which One Is Best For Your Hands??

square. The straight shaped nails, with the filed tip and square finish stylize the hands a lot and can be worn in different ways.

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What is ballerina point? This type of nail is also called "ballerina" since it resembles ballet shoes, due to its shape.

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Thus, unlike the round ones, in this case the nails narrow as we go towards the tip. Therefore, it is an appropriate type of manicure for nails.

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After all, not everyone can afford to wear Kylie Jenner or Rosalía’s nails in their daily routine. Unlike oval nails, their shape is not altered, except for the ends on each side. They are perfect for people with short fingers or narrow nails as they visually lengthen their appearance.

Thus, unlike the round ones, in this case the nails narrow as we go towards the tip. Therefore, it is an appropriate type of manicure for medium and long nails, since it is the length that allows you to create that oval shape. Of course, they help to gain length to the fingers and stylize them. It is an ideal shape for those who prefer to wear long nails, but without fanfare. It is a nail shape that is only achieved with a certain length, which is why it is common in acrylic manicures or, at least, hardened with gel.

It is also a type of nail design that stylizes and visually lengthens the fingers. The short version of these nails is known as a mountain peak. It is an ideal nail shape for manicures made with striking Rosalía-style nail art designs. Although it is also perfect to show off natural tones or updated French manicures. As for the shape of the hands, the visual effect is similar to that of the oval and almond shaped ones.

The effect on the appearance of the hands is similar and the truth is that they can be uncomfortable when manipulating things with your hands if you do not have experience with this type of manicure. They are worn long and usually made with acrylics. Ideal for narrow, slender hands as well as women with narrow fingernails.

It is a type of nail shape that is worn in short and medium lengths, making it comfortable for those who need to work with their hands on a daily basis. Acrylics with this shape are used by those with insufficient nail length, sometimes due to onychophagia problems.

They are worn long and allow hands to be stylized, both with acrylic and natural manicures, reinforced with gel polishes. It is a type of shape that can be worn with both long and short nails. Its appearance resembles that of square nails and only when we look closely do we perceive that original curved inclination.