Nail Trend Spring 2022

Trends In Manicure And Nail Art Spring 2022

Nude tones on the nails, yeah. But this time, combined with gold leaf details, some nails with a touch of glitter even with other colors. Y.

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In a year where nail care has become one of the best beauty secrets, manicure trends do not stop.

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That referred to makeup, but with the nails something sure is going to happen, and that is that we want to return to color. in we knew how.

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Trends in manicure and nail art Spring

Spring has arrived and with it the nail trends that will be present in the coming months. Take note and join the trend!

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This year they have selected a neon yellow called Illuminating, and a stone gray called Ultimate Gray. Create daring manicures with the combination of both shades creating stripes and dots on a Nude base. Here is an example to inspire you. Neon nails If your clients like striking manicures, you will love this tip. We all need neon tones in our Center, but we know that nail polishes are sometimes not completely consumed and we do not want them to spoil due to lack of use.

These powders can be used on the residue of the base to give a uniform color to the entire nail or can also be applied to specific areas, for example, to create color gradients in a neon tone. We explain how. You can degrade it from the cuticle to the tip or vice versa.

Repeat this step as many times as you need until you have the desired intensity of the pigment. To finish, apply Top and remember to seal all the edges of the nail very well so that the manicure lasts at least 3 weeks. Next, we leave you an example taken from Pinterest to inspire you.

This product can give a lot of play in any manicure since it can also be combined with a shiny top, creating different effects in the same color. Remove your client’s hands and clean the rest of the residue with alcohol. Make the French line with a fine brush and glitter top. Clean the final residue with cleaner and you already have a ready and different manicure. We leave you here another example of Pinterest. The French manicure reinvented The French manicure is a trend that never goes out of style, but it is constantly reinvented.

This year it takes a lot to make the line with products such as foil, stickers, decorative stones and even gold leaf and silver leaf. At Seena Owell we recommend that for a fine French manicure, the nails should have a short-medium length, very well-groomed cuticles and a very natural base tone. Next, we explain how to perform a French manicure with foil. Choose the base color. At Seena Owell we recommend the Nude French shade, which provides a beige shade with medium coverage.

Take your client’s hands out and make the French design with a special Gel Transfer for foil. Once the gel is dry, take the foil paper and apply it in touches, pressing the area with transfer gel. You can do this step as many times as you need until your design is as you expect. We hope that the content of this post has been interesting for you, if you think it can be of help, do not hesitate to comment and share.