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Nail Color 2022 – Nail Design Trends For Summer 2022

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Gothic Nails

This season Spring Summer / 22 nails are worn in full color. Of course, with an elegant touch, as in the French manicures that.

Nice Nails Designs with Cute Dots. Nice nails will suit any outfit and make you look even more gorgeous. Here you will find many manicure variations to play.

Noelia Gómez and Belén Aventin, nail art experts, tell us that colored nail polishes will be a trend this Fall/Winter.

Nail Color – Nail Design Trends for Summer

Try painting different shades on each nail or try a quartz-like crystal nail art. The pastel colors we predict.

Gemini Sign Tattoos

Today we talk about nail trends for the summer season Nail color — Summer manicure Summer and manicure are inseparable in , because this summer is a good time to experiment with nail image and color They usually support to all who love to expand their beauty horizons and see nail art as a means of personal expression.

Nail color fashion trends and new arrivals Here are some beautiful summer nail design and manicure ideas that you can safely incorporate on your nails in Sure, haircuts and color have become different and this you can see in our Hair section. As much as we miss the process of choosing between the infamous nail polish walls at our favorite salons, we don’t recommend getting dozens of bottles just to have ample options to choose from at home.

But it’s not just any red. A beautiful burgundy never goes out of style. The shade is suitable as a stand-alone color or in nail art as an eye-catching color. Think a French manicure or simple vertical lines down the center of the nail or even dagger shapes with deep, velvety red. An example of what we are talking about is the design that you can see in the next photo. With the endless color combinations available to experiment with, this might just be the source of the fantasy we’re all looking for this year.

In search of natural nude colors. It is a good idea to choose nude colors if you want a manicure with an elegant and clean look. While these beige-like nude colors are pretty on their own, they’re also the perfect base for pretty, minimalist nail art. We’ve always loved minimalist nails with lots of negative space, whether it’s a nude base or a full nude base.

The new twist is adding gold accents to enhance the nail art. Extensions are what a lot of people are asking for and every time we see a minimalist nail art with a little gold embellishment, we end up falling in love with the design. it’s just awesome. The color has only gained strength since then. If deep brown tones aren’t your thing, then a rich nude shade could be your ticket to brown city. A mix of matte and glitter nails is another simple nail art that people can do at home.

You can play with a mix of matte and gloss on the same nail, similar to the style shown in many of today’s photos. The base can be matte, while a vertical black line for example can be shiny. You can also alternate your nails between matte and glossy, as a matte statement nail. In we identify this as another shade in the blue spectrum to take into account it is grayish blue.

Pros explain that the gray tint gives this blue the perfect balance between a pop of color and a relaxed look. It’s great with a matte finish or a gloss gloss top coat. We are all trying to save money and are likely to go to nail salons for great pleasure instead of weekly beauty maintenance. Nail Color — Pastels Light, bold isn’t for everyone, so the best way to introduce some color into your manicure is by opting for pastels.

Try painting different shades on each nail or try a quartz-like crystal nail art. You can safely experiment in manicures and pedicures in the summer of Give them a smooth and rounded shape for a neat and clean appearance. Elongated oval. This is an option for those who love long nails even in summer, but do not want them to look aggressive. Rounded tips of such nails in the summer help to soften the impression.

Summer Almonds Summer almond nails are a combination of length and a slight slant at the tips. Low maintenance, elegant, and effortless are the words that come to mind when you see someone with flawless, shiny nails that barely have any color. Fortunately, we can all participate in this regardless of the length of the nails. The modern manicure consists of several steps for a complete detoxification of the nails.

The end result is healthy, natural looking nails, a bit like giving them a detoxifying facial.