Nails 2022 Spring Summer

Trendy Nail Polish Colors 2022

The inspiration you need for your nails. Inverted French, rounded manicure and color. Wear these looks before your friends!

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Pay attention to all this inspiration you need (without having to be an expert in ‘nail art’) to have the trending manicure Almond-shaped nails.

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With the beginning of spring and then summer, it is a good choice to put color to life, an option, it can be through the nails.

Pay attention to all this inspiration you need (without having to be an expert in ‘nail art’) to have the trending manicure Almond-shaped nails.

7 Manicure trends for spring-summer Get inspired!

As nail professionals we must anticipate what is and will be the fashion in nail art and nail design trends for the spring-summer season.

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the new french

It is to these burning questions that we will seek an answer today. Royal shades for the cold season. It is believed that in the cold season, at least, it is inappropriate to apply excessively bright nail polish to the nails. But not next season. On the contrary, this year you can safely add a couple of bright accents to the discreet autumn-winter palette, and not only on holidays. But the colors that are worth paying attention to first.

milk and creamy. One or two of these surprisingly delicate hues should definitely be added to your paint collection when the cold weather rolls around. Another very popular and demanded shade for autumn and winter. Yes, mainly because it looks great both on its own and as a base for decoration.

Gray goes well with any bow, office, casual and even evening wear. The main thing is to give it the right accent, for example, using sparkles or rubbing. Dark green. It looks expensive and noble on the nails. So, in winter, preference should be given to a dark range, for example, a forest shade, moderately bright and highly saturated. It can serve as a base shade or be an expressive highlight in complex decor.

Also noteworthy is the olive color, popular today. Choosing it for your manicure, you definitely can’t go wrong. Walnuts A luxurious light brown color is exactly what you need to create a fall flavor on your nails. The color of wine has been a hit for a long time, but it continues to confidently maintain its position on the pedestal of fashion. Therefore, decorating nails with them is still relevant.

Now let’s find out what paints you should paint your nails in summer and spring to be in trend. This moderately bright yellow with a reddish tint has been voted one of the best for the upcoming season. And all thanks to the Institute P. It is worth noting that the trendsetters liked this shade and happily introduced it to their collections. This fashion trend hasn’t skimped on the nail art industry either. Absolute HIT The perfect shade for fashionistas of all ages and nail lengths.

So if you want to highlight your femininity, go for a pink manicure. And as a decoration, paint flowers or a gradient on your nails. As we said, the orange palette is a trend next season. Therefore, it is relevant both in winter and in summer. And if for the cold season it is better to choose muted shades, then in the summer you can pamper yourself with a juicy orange.

Looks very impressive in both glossy and matte version. An orange manicure can be considered ideal for the holiday season when a dress code is not required. Along with orange, green varnishes are also in demand in nail art. It looks great in black and white, which gives the image a special shine. Magnificent green looks also in the technique of "Cat Eye". This shade can be safely called bright, but not defiant.

And this applies not only to the nail industry, but also to summer clothing and accessories. Natural beige is the perfect shade for any time of year. Metallic is elegant, charming, timeless for any occasion. Stylists recommend that overweight women believe in the image not only the impression of harmony. About the author.