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Karol G’s 5 Nail Designs That You Can Wear Every Day Of The Week

Whether you have long or short nails, the singer is always innovating, her nails are always on trend and inspiration for her.

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Imitate these nails easily from your home The entry 5 Karol G style nails that you can imitate at home was first published in Mujer de Guía real para la.

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Karol G’s nails, also at home The ‘Tusa’ singer’s manicures are characterized by very long nails and colors.

Karol often steals glances with her extravagant and varied taste. She tells us that today she can wear flat and one-tone nails and tomorrow nails with a lot of rhinestones, so with her look she shows us that for her every day is a different adventure. In social networks Karol G, shows us her combinations of clothes, accessories and of course her nails always gleaming with different designs and colors. The nails add femininity and this light blue shade makes it stand out.

Long-lasting nail polish Formula contains iron, calcium, silicon and vitamin B5 Color lasts up to 7 days without chipping 6.41 EUR Buy on Amazon 3. Karol G shows green and pink nail polish on her nails Here we see her in sportswear, on her left hand she shows off beautiful pink acrylic nails and on her right hand a yellow nail polish Both nail polishes look great separately, however; together they look great! Color Intense Nail Polish Clear base formula with light-gathering pigments for enhanced wear & tear resistance Buy on Amazon 4.

The green polish highlights her long and well-groomed nails, she looks content and with soft makeup. This light green shade looks great on all skin types. Keep up to 7 days without flaking Single dose technology brush that evenly deposits the correct dose of Its patented formula combines gel technology with a Buy on Amazon complex 5.

Karol G shows off beautiful nails with green polish and decorated with stars In this photo Karol is in her car, she looks determined and eager to enjoy the day. Her acrylic nails look splendid with the green polish, to decorate she used silver stars that match her hair accessories.

Sale Strengthening enamel for brittle and damaged nails Smoothes the surface of the nail Prevents nails from breaking and defoliation 9.99 EUR Buy on Amazon 6. Oval nails with yellow nail polish and a happy face It’s a sunny day and Karol opted for a yellow nail polish that stands out a lot on hot days. With this same enamel you can make different designs to your nails. Karol complements her look with red heart-shaped glasses that give her a lot of style.

The special shape of the brush makes it easy for Karol to use pastel colored nails. You have to apply stripes of a single color one on top of the other, you have to have a little patience to make it perfect, at the end you add rhinestones or another accessory. Elite99 6 colors semi-permanent gel polish 10ml. Durable semi-permanent enamels: Offers a long duration of days.

Non-toxic resin: High quality gel polish with a slight and good smell Karol and her natural nails with gold polish In this photo Karol looks like a goddess, this time she shows her natural nails with gold polish. Her nails have a square shape and the bright tone stands out very well with the rest of her outfit.