Nails With Grooves Or Vertical Stripes

Why Lines Appear On The Nails And How To Get Rid Of Them?

If they are not uniform, they may indicate arthritis, cardiovascular disease or Darier’s disease, a genetic disorder that stains the skin. inward curved. If the.

Beau’s lines. These grooves that go from one side of the nail to the other are the result of an infection, a disease or even having been.

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-Longitudinal or vertical stretch marks: these are lines that go from the tip of the nail to the cuticle. They can have variable depth.

Stretch marks on the nails – The causes and the simplest solutions | Bezzia

Did you discover that your nails have small vertical lines? It is common for nails to have ridges or grooves, especially after treatment.

How to determine what is causing the lines on the nails?

Especially when the consumption of vitamin B is really low, then we can notice it in our hands. Another common cause is the aging of the nail, as well as the use of some enamels that are quite harmful or their excessive use. Types of grooves Vertical or longitudinal grooves: They cross the entire nail, from the tip to the part of the cuticle. Their depth can vary, so when it comes to stretch marks that are not very pronounced, there is nothing to worry about.

Transverse grooves: They are responsible for the thickness of the nail. In this case they can appear due to some disease. Pour the oil into a container and dip the nails. These have to be well covered by the liquid. Wait about 10 minutes and then lightly massage all fingers. Then wash your hands and apply a moisturizer. coconut oil.

Nail treatment with stretch marks. Bomb Recipe for Nails with Stretch Marks