Natal Chart Interpretation

What Does a Free Natal Astrological Chart Reveal to You??

The aspects the planets make to each other in your birth chart. Free interpretations of computer generated natal charts to.

Highlighting the essential components of a natal chart is the best approach to its interpretation, since all the important questions of life.

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– Access to the recording of the workshop the magic of numbers, basic meaning and energy of the coming years. – Written report in PDF of your natal chart.

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Interpretation of Ricky Martin’s birth chart. Courtesy: Your Name Here, S. maple st., Anytown, WI — Introduction.

What does a free natal astrological chart reveal to you?? | LoveToKnow

MODULE 5: Chart Interpretation. Native. THE ATTACHMENT. Attachment to someone-something (object/situation), is defined as a link.

What they can’t reveal

Free computer-generated birth chart interpretations are often written by some of the world’s best astrologers, and are a great way to start understanding yourself. However, they have both strengths and limitations. Strengths May excel at giving detailed information on specific astrological combinations.

This is valuable information and forms the basis of any meaningful interpretation. Limitations A horoscope is like a puzzle. Even the best computer generated astrology report, free or not, cannot combine the many factors in a horoscope into one integrated interpretation that tells a story. At their best, they can fit two or three pieces together. It takes a person who is alive, intuitive, thinking, and has studied astrology to put a natal chart together into a meaningful whole.

A good way to understand this is that a computer-generated report lists all the ingredients that make up your persona, but says nothing about how the finished product turned out. There is no way a birth chart or free report can reveal any of this. Imagine two babies born in the same hospital in the big city at the same time. Are you man or woman.

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