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Natalie Portman Talks About The "Sexualization" She Suffered As A Child In The Movies

Natalie Portman was 12 years old when she played Mathilda in The Perfect Killer. He is now 35 and has a wonderful movie career.


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As the character of Matilda begins to discover her femininity, her voice and her desires, Natalie herself — like most teenagers her age —.

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Both girls see a father figure in their crime professors: Mathilda finds shelter, love and protection in León (Jean Reno’s character).

Have you ever seen the censored scene from "Leon the professional"?

The Oscar winner Natalie Portman, recounted during an interview after her 11-year-old teenager Mathilda Lando.

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Léon: The Professional 1994 – Behind the Scenes – Natalie Portman: Starting Young