Natti Natasha And Her Daughter

“Y Baila Vida”: Natti Natasha’s daughter starred in a tender moment when her mother sang to her

Growth of Natti Natasha’s daughter Vida Isabelle’s proud parents often share photos of her through their social networks.

Natti Natasha and her family were the most recent target after the tragic death of singer Natti Natasha, Raphy Pina and her daughter".

Sabila with Lemon

Natti Natasha’s daughter suffered fetal stress in childbirth: "The doctor could not find the heart anywhere" · Natti Natasha’s confession.

Despite the difficult times she had to go through to get pregnant, her first and beautiful daughter, Vida Isabelle, was born in May.

Natti Natasha’s daughter already has 1 million followers on Instagram | you online

This will be the first Christmas for Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina with their daughter Vida Isabelle, who is now seven months old.

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