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Natti Natasha And Her Husband, Producer Raphy Pina, Announced That They Have Covid-19

Currently, Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina make up one of the strongest couples in the Latin music industry. Not only because of their relationship.

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Producer Raphy Pina announces that he and his wife, Natti Natasha, have covid. Dominican singer Natti Natasha and her partner Raphy Pina.

Businessman Raphy Pina, Natti Natasha’s partner, publishes a photo with an electronic shackle with Vida Isabelle, their daughter.

The producer and fiancé of Natti Natasha, Raphy Pina, went to the social network to talk about the complicated situation he is going through.

Natti Natasha and her husband, producer Raphy Pina, announced that they have covid

Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista (Santiago de los Caballeros, December 10), Together I Turn On My Networks (Couples who share the most in their networks).


Colombia Natti Natasha and her husband, producer Raphy Pina, announced that they have covid The celebrity couple took the opportunity to send a warning to all those who shared by their side these days December 30, Archive image of the Dominican singer Natti Natasha.

The covid pandemic can touch anyone so don’t let your guard down, protect yourself and get your booster shot. We want them. The charges Natti Natasha’s husband faces are for illegal possession of an illegally modified firearm and possession of a firearm by a federal convict.

I am a warrior and we go forward. In contrast, Natti Natasha enjoys her experience with motherhood and how being a mother has changed her life, the stereotypes that exist about the role within the entertainment industry. This was commented in an interview with Infobae. It has taught me to be grateful, to see life from another point of view. To take care of myself, both physically and mentally.

I must be happy to convey that to her. Before I had her, I was someone else. He also takes the opportunity to comment that Nattividad supports the role of the empowered woman. Natti knew how to perfectly consolidate both roles: artist and mother. After announcing that she could not have children, she did not give up and, in a pandemic, had two projects of which she is proud: her daughter and her album.

Natti Natasha confesses: The hardest process of her life, the truth of her pregnancy and marriage.